Attempting to set up again


Long story short, had Monzo, didn’t think I needed it, closed the account.

Change of circumstances, looking to set it up again.

Attempted to register as a new customer. The app accepts my email, sends a verification to my email, I click on the link, it sends a verification SMS, I enter the code and it says the mobile number is already in use?

Is there a way round this?

Many thanks


Contact support?

Since you’ve already had a Monzo account, you will need to get your old account reopened. You can do this by emailing :slight_smile:


How much info would I need to give?

I don’t have the original card anymore.

I’m not too sure, you won’t need the old card, but you will need to prove your identity, I think this is usually done as a selfie with your ID.


I’ll chase it up tomorrow.

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