Re-opening old account


I know this has been posted a million times before but wanted to get some up to date info.

I closed my account a year ago - and planned to re-open it. Spoke to support who cleared my email off so can do so. for some reason it didn’t allow it - I know it can be harsh at times.

do I remember reading if you want to re-open support had to do it as manual application causes an issue resulting in a decline?

I did ask support if this was the case still however I just got a we can’t give further information reply so bit lost - ive emailed review also but yet to get a reply.

thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using the same mobile number?

If so it’ll be that that’s blocking you. Most folks who have success returning do so using a different mobile number. But Monzo has been know. To catch onto some of those and put them on two months notice of account closure.

Support won’t usually help you here I’m afraid.


If you had been in touch with support they should’ve cleared your number from the system.

If it allowed you to go through the sign up flow only to be told that they can’t offer you an account, that’s the end of the road.


hey thanks for the response’s I wondered if that was the case

does seem odd, but as you said its the end of the road either way.

I don’t think my number was cleared only email. but if they getting upset doing a different number will only cause a issue at some point - not worth the hassle.

thanks :slight_smile:


If they hadn’t cleared your number, you’d get a “this number is already in use” error. If it let you go past it and enter your details for a full application then it’s sadly just a case of no longer meeting Monzo criteria

I believe that only happens if the number is associated with an open account!

I know people who tried signing up again with the same mobile number (never asked for it to be purged or anything) and didn’t get this error, but were told they couldn’t have account. Only to go through the flow again, this time with a new mobile number and be accepted without issue.

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