Creating a new account after it was closed - Help

Hey all,

My cousin had his account closed almost a year and a half ago and Monzo didn’t specify why it was closed. He’s been trying to create a new account several times after and Monzo hasn’t allowed him to. Is there a way to get this resolved?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

If it was closed by Monzo rather than him deciding to leave, I’d say he has zero chance. If Monzo have said no, then that’s the end of it really.


If Monzo closed his account then they don’t want him as a customer. So it makes sense why they aren’t allowing him to open a new account.


There are no guarantees in anything, but, as from @Revels and @Ordog above, not being able to reopen an account closed by Monzo for “unspecified” (and so unspecifiable) reasons is about as close to zero chance as possible

On this occasion it is probably best to move on and try elsewhere