RESOLVED: Monzo Services Degraded/Outage - Card Payments may fail (16/01/18)

Starling never had so many issues as Monzo had with pre paid card…
But fully agree with you… it’s a bit silly due to today’s outage leave Monzo…


My other half was in Morrisons paying for the shopping and the card declined. Luckily she had another with her.

Do stats exist for this or is this anecdotal?

Starling conceals service outage history where Monzo does not. Openness goes a long way but can also be used as a stick to beat them with.


I think Monzo and Starling were using the same processor and had exact same issues at the same time.

Also, bear in mind since Monzo CA launch this only the 2nd big outage unlike quite a few GPS/Starling incidents.


I think a reactive statement in here would have been better. You don’t need an engineer to explain. You need a community member Cops to have access to a status page just as the engineers do.


That may be down to when they went in to GPS and worked with their staff to minimize potential problems for Starling cardholders

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Using reactive messages on social media and communities go a long way to reduce load on a contact centre :+1:t2:

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This :point_up_2:

A brief reassurance could go a long way Monzo.


2 hours…

I think an update is becoming vital now.

Do we know if Monzo ever confirmed that they are out of Beta with Current accounts. Card doesn’t say Beta so I guess no advise to carry another card :thinking:

The fact that it’s affecting the prepaid cards tells us it’s not Monzo’s in-house processor :slight_smile: the prepaid cards don’t use Monzo’s processor.


It’s affecting CAs so we don’t know until we know after some Monzo response. Others relying on same GPS processor are seem to be unaffected today so not sure really if there is something has gone wrong only just with Monzo

We are currently suffering a platform issue which means some functions of the app will have degraded performance/will not work.

I’m really sorry I cannot give more detail - this is because quite simply, I do not understand half of what is going on in the engineering channels right now!


Always carry another card. In fact, Monzo is normally my other card.


All well and good but if you’re using it as your main or only account you’re screwed as you can’t even transfer money out at the moment!

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Really sorry if you feel this wasn’t communicated widely enough :pensive:

We posted a proactive tweet, updated both of our status pages ( & and added a banner in-app to make everyone aware.

You’re absolutely right that we could also have posted an update in this thread; unfortunately as @HughWells mentioned, we’re all hands on deck right now to resolve this issue, and we don’t really have any additional detail to share right now that hasn’t already been mentioned in our prior communication.

For what it’s worth, I’ll do my best to keep an eye out for any forum threads that pop up should another outage occur in future to answer any questions as best I can.

Thanks for being so patient whilst we work to sort this out :pray:


Faster Payments outbound are affected, but card payments should be going through as normal :+1:

(Although apparently Verifone are having issues with their terminals at the moment)

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You should probably tell whoever is monitoring Twitter that is for the pre-paid card and CA is because they’re misleading people who clearly have CA Cards!

Also goes to the older Mondo status page, where as I would think it should be going to the newer Monzo CA one by now.


The problems with the app is affecting both the prepaid and the CA :slight_smile:

Card payment failed for me :man_shrugging: