Monzo card again does not work

Please let me know why a lot of times monzo card has payment problem.

It’s just prepaid and its a third party:

How long it will take to sort out?

I’m afraid I can’t answer that but you can subscribe to updates on that page :slight_smile:

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The problems should go away with the switch to the current account, as the processing systems are inhouse, Monzo have more control over them and can make them more reliable.


I wonder if it’s just Monzo who are having this problem right now or if other Neobanks are too. In the past it was others too.

starling is the same, so it’s definitely the provider:

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This is really quite frustrating…

Monzo l think are quite lucky as their users are cutting a lot of slack about this, Revolut users are being far more brutal on Twitter. I know it’s a third party (and they certainly aren’t ‘beta’) but l would hope there is some very serious engagement with that supplier.

There has been.
Prepaid is going away anyway so it is really frustrating all these issues are occurring now.

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It is deeply frustrating. I’m guessing all Monzo can do is continue to work flat out on offering all existing customers the opportunity to upgrade to a full current account which seems to have far greater stability running on their own systems.


I agree with you. We should have priority to get current account.

Who should?

Investors will get it first, then it will roll out to all existing customers before new customers are invited.

We’ll send invites to existing Current Account Preview customers and previous crowdfunding investors first.

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Issues once more :frowning:

Numerous times a day now. I know its beta but this is getting silly and getting a CA will take ages…

Yeah, I suggest we all tweet when it goes down

Agreed. It isn’t Monzo’s fault. It is a 3rd party supplier that handles payments for other startup banks like Revolut and Starling.

I know it’s not their fault but it’s just ridiculous even for a beta. I just want to get the CA to stop this. I would have applied for the CA beta but I hadn’t been a member long enough at the time to do that. And still a while before we get the CA

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I think that may be reviewed in the light of this…

I wonder if GPS are now in breach of their contract? Surely there must be a reliability clause?

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Our relationship is not with the third party our relationship is with Monzo. If the tills go down in Tesco and you can’t shop you don’t blame IBM or NCR or BT or whoever.

If it wasn’t for the utopia of the current account l would be saying that Monzo need to choose another supplier or think about some form of compensation, l must have missed purchasing four flat whites in the past couple of weeks.

I am surprised that with the number of businesses in this market that they don’t get together and make their own system that is more reliable, processing doesn’t really give a competitive advantage it seems if so many use the same supplier.

Kicks soap box away.

Uhhh, some of us do…