Will the current account card have as many technical issues as the Pre-Paid?

As the title says…

There seems to be a lot of incidents of card payments or withdrawals etc not working for periods of time. Now if this was to happen as often to my main banking service I would not be a customer for very long.

Is this going to be addressed for the current account?

Hopefully your question is answered here:


Already has.
Monzo have built an in-house payment processor so they won’t rely on a 3rd party for this like they currently do for the prepaid card.
I’ve been using the CA for the last 2 months and have had no issue.


There are more than 19000 of us on Current Account preview and there have been no reports of card outages/payment declines/transfers etc… (because of card processing mechanism)… Not a single one (OK there was one actually as pointed below. So be assured Monzo’s in-house processer is stable I am sure no one can guarantee 100% up-time but things will be much better. :crossed_fingers:


Ah thats very reassuring :slight_smile: Thanks

I am personally very glad we are moving towards Monzo’s in-house solution, the recent outages aren’t really acceptable moving forward in my opinion if we are talking about a persons main current account, especially the frequency of them recently.

I feel a little bit sorry for Revolut and Starling customers that they’ll have to keep dealing with this apparently not very stable implementation.


not exactly correct - they have had one on 14th sept - “card transactions may be declined” which presumably was down to the newly installed Monzo card processing system (???) - but reported that they found the issue + a few other issues - don’t know the reason but i got the notification - see below from Monzo bank status page (for current accounts) - certainly far far less than the pre paid


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at least, far far fewer

11 incidents prepaid https://mondo.statuspage.io/history
1 incident CA http://monzo.statuspage.io/history

Me neither - zero payments declined so far with CA.

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I’ve had a payment declined 3 times on the Monzo CA (made two Contactless and one chip and pin attempt), but apparently I got caught up in a 3 minute outage :see_no_evil:

My brother did have a slight issue with sending me a faster payment from his Monzo’s CA, but that was during a brief Faster Payments outage, and Monzo resolved this as quickly as they could.

But I’m sure internally, work has been made on these issues to prevent them in the future.

Apart from that no issues at all and it has worked perfect for me.

I’ve only ever had one payment declined on the CA and that was in H&M, which strangely, i had bought something 10 mins prior using the CA card and then remembered i needed something else and went back again but payment wouldn’t work.

Apart from that, i’ve never had an issue.

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