Loot issues


This just in:

Clicking on the message take you to the app where this happens:

Loot Feedback
(Sean) #2

Monzo just put a tweet out that cards may decline

Weird timing

(Geoff Pascoe) #3

Message from loot opened for me ok

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #4

Or do they just use the same (crappy) card processor (pre-pay only, in :monzo: Monzo’s case)

What are the mothership for unreliability Starling reporting?

(Sean) #5

all seems to be ok :neutral_face:


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #6

Monzos current account is working fine but I got a status message at 16.16 for the pre paid card failing

(Sean) #7

Pre-paid thing then. Hence why no issues at Starling.

(Geoff Pascoe) #8

http://monzo.statuspage.io/ also says everything’s fine…

Edit: http://mondo.statuspage.io/ says there’s issues. Why do both pages exist and why do they say different things?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #9

The status for ‘mondo’ is pre-pay and will be retired by the end of the year

The status for ‘monzo’ is the current account

They use different processors (current account is in-house)

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #10

I thought Monzo pre-paid shared a processsor with Starling, so I’m surprised no issues there too.


Confirmed no issues, or just no issues reported? :thinking:

(Sean) #12


Cards may be declined

Investigating - Currently some customers may experience a card decline or an incorrect notification of a reversal. If you received a reversal notification, don’t worry, your transaction did go through and you have paid. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, your transactions will be corrected in your feed in due course.
Oct 4, 16:29 UTC


The interesting thing here is that there’s a outage and:

  • push notification from Loot :white_check_mark:
  • push notification from Monzo :white_check_mark:
  • push notification from Starling :x:

This is the sort of thing I’d want to know about right away before the potential embarrassment of a declined card with a retailer.

(Geoff Pascoe) #14

Agreed. I didn’t get a push notification from Monzo either, but that may be because I’ve had the card frozen since getting the current account.

Revolut also didn’t send one, but they never do, so I’m not surprised

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #15

a prepaid card is a totally different animal to a current account with differing responsibilities


One is a plastic card I use to buy things, the other is a plastic card I use to buy things.

How they work in the background shouldn’t be a thing any customer needs to worry about. They just need to know that it works.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #17

Yes Starling get it in the neck everytime their processor goes down as they cannot, or refuse to send out push notifications in-app.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #18

I think a prepaid card is a supplementary card that is ‘attached’ to another account that funds it, whereas a current account card is ‘sold’ as the one and only card that you need , that is meant to be reliable - in my opinion :slight_smile:


ah, I’m understanding you now :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, if the debit card you have is for a current account that you’ve switch to from a legacy bank, then that new FinTech current account needs to be extremely reliable.

I think reliability is way more important than a proposed fee on overseas ATM cash withdrawals.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #20

reliability for me is the number one issue for a Fin Tech current account which I have been encouraged to transfer to and potentially has all my cash in it :slight_smile: