Amateurish service

Really let down with card today… don’t launch a product you can’t guarantee will work!.. useless!

There are issues with Starling too with people getting contactless transactions declined and forced to use chip and pin but after getting receipt showing they paid there is no notification nor does it show in the account history or balance. Sure this used to happen with Barclays/HSBC/NafWest etc they just never told you

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Monzo does say that this a Beta as well as informing you that you should have another card as back up. So if you want to rely on a Beta service it says a lot more about you then it does about them.

That aside you can have text alerts on the service sent to your phone.


Hi @Eddldn

Unfortunately as you’ve not given any detail here, I can only assume you’re referring to the fact that card payments are currently failing.

During the Prepaid Beta program, card processing is done through a third party. For the current account, this is carried out in house. That’s why, right now, the Prepaid card is failing, but the CA cards are not.

Just to remind you, the Prepaid program is a Beta - that means it’s not complete. You are also reminded to carry a second card with you at all times during this period.


It’s frustrating isn’t it? My kerv didn’t work today but my monzo did.

I’ll just wait until things stabilise

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Fire also having issues with their card.

It is frustrating :grimacing:

As Tom’s mentioned, Monzo have addressed this issue, by moving the processor (which has failed today) in house for the current accounts -

I know this doesn’t help you right now but as proof, my current account is still working.


I was wondering if it was an issue with the 3rd party again.

While it is frustrating, Monzo has always said from the start this is a Beta and things will probably stop working from time to time and to always carry a spare card.

EDIT: Just as a posted this I had a charge go through on my current account so I can confirm this is only limited to the prepaid card :slight_smile:



Or, don’t sign up to a Beta service if you can’t follow the simple instruction to carry a spare card.


come on chaps, give the guy a break, he’s frustrated and wanted to vent!

The card works so well most of the time that people naturally start to rely on it - who wants to use legacy cards with their poor reporting of transactions?


Monzo cannot control Wirecard processing the Monzo card. If Wirecard goes down, so does Monzo. This changes with the current account when Monzo does it all inhouse direct with MasterCard.

Standard rule of Monzo is to make sure you have a backup card incase Monzo goes down. IT has been mentions for months and months that the big words BETA on the card mean that. Snags will happen.


What is the reason why Wirecard struggles to offer decent uptime? To have gone down for the the length of time and number of times they have seems very poor service reliability.


@Chapuys to clarify, it’s not Wirecard that’s having these issues, it’s GPS.

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From what I hear, GPS’s systems were built a while before the challengers got set up. Now you’ve got Monzo, Revolut, Loot etc. all using their systems, they’re struggling to cope.

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No product can guarantee it will work 100% of the time.

At least with Monzo you (generally) find out via the app and/or a notification, rather than outages of legacy banks being known either when you’re trying to pay (too late) or via the news.


Hi there! I’m Simon B from Monzo and I’d like to just jump in and apologize for the outage we suffered yesterday. It’s not fun when stuff doesn’t work and we know that.

We feel that we’ve been quite clear that our app is a Beta service. This means that things will occasionally break, and just like in this instance, there will sometimes be unexpected downtime. This is why we always tell everyone to carry a backup card. I’m really sorry if this wasn’t clear to you and if this led to problems for you.

We felt it was important to launch as a Beta for exactly this reason - to learn from all the bugs, crashes, outages and problematic events that happen before we launch our final, full current account product later this year. When we have that product launched, we don’t anticipate these kind of outages, which have happened due to problems with a third party. When we launch our full current account product (which is currently available in a limited form to a few hundred preview testers), it will operate completely in house - no third parties. Whilst this doesn’t guarantee things won’t go wrong, it does mean that we can fix things instantly when that happens and implement backup procedures so that the customer should never be left stranded or suffer any financial losses if something does break.

I hope this makes everything a bit clearer and once again please accept our apologies. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Hi how can I become a preview tester in this case?? I would be grateful to oblige, or if not when will we all have access to the current account?

Also will customers currently using the beta service automatically be sent a new fully operating card when all these issues are finalised and monzo is launched? I would be interested to know…nevertheless the concept is great, have to be honest i do have fears trusting a new company with my cash with no financial protection but i always like to be ahead of the curve haha will all us loyal from day one people be informed as soon as we are fully protected?

Looking forward to using the fully fledged service and hoping to get my teenagers up in the monzo club once i have drove through the dastardly desert road to find the oasis at the end::sunglasses:

This should answer most of your questions about the current account preview:


@safax Prepaid Monzo will be eventually phased out. We don’t have any dates yet, but once preview period is completed, further rollout will commence - starting with investors. Shortly after that, rollout to current prepaid users will continue, though it will take time, as issuing +300,000 cards (350,000?) will be really a major operation. There’s no chance to miss out. :wink:

By the way, regarding:

Current accounts (will) offer FSCS protection upto £85,000 and Monzo is regulated by FCA (NewRegister). I understand that it’s ‘new’ company that has to earn your trust, but this financial protection part is going to be resolved soon. :wink: