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What happens if I get a refund sent to a lost (and replaced) Monzo card? Will I still get it?

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Yes you should do, since the refund is being sent to the account and not the card directly. Monzo can still see that the card the refund was placed on to was hooked up to your account :slight_smile:

When did you request the refund and the new card?


I’ve had the new card for a week or two I think. I’ve not requested any refund yet. I wanted to make sure if I did that the money would not disappear into the ether.

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Oh no that’s fine. The money is not stored on the card itself, it’s stored in your account which your card references each time it is used so there’s nothing to worry about. It works the same with any bank card :slight_smile:

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might be worth nudging customer support with the in app chat at Monzo bank about your concerns :slight_smile: along with sharing them in the public forum

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At the moment credits on replaced cards are processed manually, so there might be a tiny delay but the money will be automatically credited to your account. :slightly_smiling_face:

When we launch our new debit cards, this will be instant!


Thanks Richard.

I assume when you say ‘a tiny delay’ and ‘instant’ you mean from the time you receive the funds? As I understand the refund process it works like payment settlement in reverse, so that could actually take days? Of course I’ve no idea how long this particular merchant will take to action the refund on their end either.

Anyway, it is good to know that the cancelled card will not be too much of an issue.

The reason for my question was I am considering cancelling my car insurance and taking out another policy, but all in all I’m not sure it will be worth it.

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That’s right - refunds always take a few days as they only show up in your account when they settle, as opposed to purchases and withdrawals which show up as soon as a hold is placed on the authorised amount. But there is also a short delay as we receive credit presentments on cancelled/replaced prepaid cards, and manually transfer the money to your new card. :truck:

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