Refund to cancelled/replaced card?


Just curious, how do refunds work if you replaced your card? I bought something online using Monzo but my card’s chip died and I had it replaced, and now I’ve requested a refund for that purchase on the previous card.

Will it arrive fine or do I have to get in touch with the merchant to get them to update the card?

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The refund should work, as the account still exist.

Offline transactions should also still go through the old card (at least in some circumstances), hence usually the advice to cut through the chip and NFC antenna of any card before discarding it. (And to keep an eye on your statement even after your card has been cancelled due to fraud.)

Do Monzo not re-issue cards with the same number in that case? I have never received a new card number for a replacement card from any of my banks, unless the original card was compromised.

Refund will work just fine - It will work even if the card number has been changed in my experience.

A merchant should be able to refund to any card. Most are just fussy though. They’ve done it to me before anyway. With different card numbers.

We may be confusing to aspects here:

  • My understanding of @anon23935806’s situation is that he has received a new card (presumably with a new number) with the old one being cancelled, but wants the retailer to just do a refund by reversing the transaction back to the now-cancelled card. I.e. not provide the retailer his new card number. That should work.
  • Secondly, can I request that a retailer makes a refund to a different card than the one I paid with (be it because the original card was cancelled, or just because I want to)? Well, I can always ask, but the terms of the retailer’s contract usually stipulate that they shouldn’t do that, and many retailers refuse. Indeed, where online retailers are concerned, they may not have the ability to do so. (I know we don’t at the company I work for.)

Some merchants will only refund to the card used to pay for goods or services.

I spent about 6 months chasing a refund from Amazon which they issued on a card which was not on my account and the account linked to that card had been closed couple of months before the refund was issued. I did pay with that card for the service.

Amazon asked to provide proof that card has been cancelled and Bank has returned refund back to Amazon. They didn’t accept about 3 different letters from bank stating that they returned the money back to Amazon for various lame reasons. I went through whole complaints procedure but nothing happened for quite sometime. Then I read somewhere I should white an email to, so I did that. Jeff didn’t reply but Amazon CS asked me give them IBAN for refund.

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It should work as it links to your account :crossed_fingers:

If you have any trouble, in-app chat! :wink:

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