Refund taking over a week

Hey guys so I’ve been waiting to be refunded (compensated) for a transaction that should not have been taken even know the money was not in my account the company said they worked still send the money to me but the was on the 20th it’s not the 31st and I’ve still not received it.image image

Hey Hugh, Monzo can’t usually deal with customer queries on the forum unfortunately. Have you started a chat in app? That’s usually pretty quick and they’re on the ball!

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Monzo usually send the money back to your account as soon as they get it, they process refunds a lot quicker than legacy banks, maybe the company hasn’t send the money back yet

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Refunds are not instant.

They can take between 10 to 30 working days to be send back to your debit card from the merchants bank (they can be quicker, but that is the general timescale).

You also have to remember, that is working days. There has been 2 bank holidays in the last week and 1 tomorrow (or 2, tomorrow and the next, if in Scotland). You are technically on day 5 of the refund process and day 6 will be Wednesday (or Thursday).


If you are still concerned after the above, we can look for the refund, but we must have the retrieval reference number or acquirer reference data - the refund would be given one of these two unique references.

99.99% of time these are refunded smoothly on our end once received. (I can’t recall a time since we moved to the current account that this number has sped things up on our end, but I don’t deal with these escalations)


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