Refund on Replacement Card

Just wondering if anyone can help. I am currently waiting for a refund, however I lost my card so had to replace it. Can I still get my refund on the replacement card?
Thank you.

If a merchant makes a refund to your old card (which is usually what they prefer to do), it will still make it to your account. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your old card is not 100% cut off, you are just unable to make new transactions on it.


Out of interest, when does it get cut off (if it was cancelled before it’s expiry date) and recycled back into the available pool? Is it still on or around it’s expiry date?

Thank you so much, what a releif

Several years after its expiry date is the recommended time frame before not even accepting refunds anymore, but there are so many valid card numbers that this is not yet a concern for Monzo. Plus we have only barely existed for long enough that our very first Debit cards are only just expiring.


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