Card Refund

Hey, I just got a refund to my card. Does anybody know the process and when does the money appear back to my account ?

Usually it will show as a separate transaction with the number in green with a plus (+) next to it.

I think Mondo currently doesn’t have the ability to connect refunds back to the original payment.

Hey @mzampeta, @billinghamj is right - at the moment they’ll appear as a separate transaction. The timing is up to the retailer but you should normally see it within a few days :slight_smile: If not, let us know through the in-app chat and we’ll see what we can do!

I found with another card the speed of refunds depended on if I tapped my card on their terminal or inserted it and had to enter a pin or if it a card holder not present refund as the three types seem to be processed differently behind the sceens