Monzo card permanently disabled, can i still receive payments which refunded to my card

Hi my monzo card was permanently disabled and before it was disabled i used it to make payments on ebay. However, the payment was refunded, will i still receive it on my monzo account?

Your card was disabled because you lost it or something? But your account is still active?

The refund will still come through.

Yes i lost it and got a new card

It will still come through and you’ll have your new card very soon. :+1:

Refunds will go on account number and not card number. You’re all good my friend

Cards that are disabled or cancelled are still technically connected to your account, they just cannot be used for purchases anymore and you don’t see them in your account. It will refund to your old card number and be applied to your account.

See this reply from a Ex-Monzo employee.

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