The Mondo waiting list

(Bailey Kursar) #1

Hi everyone,

Since we launched our Beta and the in-app waiting list (mid-March) we’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s support and the number of referrals we’ve received. Of course, with more referrals we’re seeing more people added to the waiting list everyday (great for us!).

However, on the flip side, the number of cards we can send out everyday is currently limited - it varies between 100-500 per working day (mainly due to having to wait for more cards to be printed, but also as we’re in Beta we’re trying to scale responsibly, fixing bugs as we go).

Therefore the rate at which people on the waiting list move up has slowed. We’re hoping to get more cards over the next month or so and you should then see yourself move up much more quickly – we’ll keep being as open and upfront about that as possible.

In the meantime we think it’s fair to manage the queue by rewarding those of you who help us out and refer your friends. That’s why we’re able to bump some users up the queue (4000 places for every friend who signs up via the URL). Some people have used this mechanism to bump themselves right up to the top, receiving their card within days :rocket:

We hope you understand that it’s important for us to manage the rollout process so that everyone’s experience using the app is the best it could be. Of course, knowing that doesn’t make it any less annoying if you’re the one at the back of the queue, but we really appreciate your patience :innocent:

Over time we’ll probably review the waiting list referral mechanism, and so do let us know your ideas below (bearing in mind that the number of cards sent out is necessarily limited at the moment!)…


One idea, some people are wasting queue space who when they get to the top suddenly moan about £100 which they then instantly get back once the card has arrived. Maybe stop them wasting everyone’s time by making a priority queue for those willing to put the £100 upfront?

(Jolin) #3

Thanks for the update, it’s helpful to know. I’d been wondering why after moving up 4k or so places a week, over the last week or two I seem stuck around 20k in front of me (have moved up a few hundred places in the last 10 days). I figured it was an issue around how fast you can print the cards, good to have it confirmed that you’re doing what you can to get them out. Unfortunately, while the people I’ve referred are interested, they are currently taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach. So maybe future Mondo customers. :wink:

I look forward to one day getting the card!

(Bailey Kursar) #4

We could definitely make this requirement clearer, yes - thanks @snook

(Allan turner ) #5

Morning. Can anyone tell me how long roughly it’s taking for 17000 odd places? I have signed up to this after chatting to a friend who has joined and running through it at the weekend. All very positive and really looking forward to putting it through its paces. I do feel that the waiting list for what I’m led to believe of months before getting my card is poor though. Any advice / information welcomed and again excited about it as it really did look “smart”

(Josh Bray) #6

It depends on your platform. The android queue isn’t moving at all as the beta isn’t out yet. The iOS queue is moving rather quickly.
If you want to move up quicker then refer your friends and family and for every one who signs up , you’ll jump up at least 4,000 spaces.

(Allan turner ) #7

Yes it’s iOS. I’ve also sent it out to a number of friends but majority are saying they will wait and see
How long it takes to get my card first.

(Josh Bray) #8

It shouldn’t be too long.

(Lisa Vunk) #9

Hi I signed up and am on the waiting list but I broke my phone and needed a new one…now the name is Monzo instead of Mondo…what app do I download…and also where do I give my mailing address for my card???..I am living in Bali now…I came to visit and stayed…I joined back in June I believe so I should be coming up soon I hope…Thank you for your help!!!


You should be able to continue in your current queue position by entering the same email address you used. Download the Monzo app and you’re away.
I believe you enter the mailing address once you’re at the top of the queue and you’ve topped up. No idea if they’ll post overseas. Wouldn’t be surprised if they do though.

(Donovan) #11

Is the comment from Jkb114 still valid? As in is the Android queue still not moving at all??? That is troubling if it is the case!

(Naji Esiri) #12

@Dono Hey! Certainly not! We’re blasting through the Android queue at a pretty healthy rate now🙂

(Donovan) #13

PHEW! I saw that comment and got worried lol. Looking forward to moving up the queue :smiley:

(Matt0r) #14

Hey there. Currently @12000 or so in the queue - think it’s likely I’ll have a card by the first week of Feb?

Spending a month abroad on a working holiday and looking forward to traducing a dull high st bank of their fees!

(Alex Sherwood) #15

Yes, you almost certainly will. Last time Monzo said how long it was taking to work through the queue it was a couple of weeks & there’s no obvious reason why that would have increased (even if Christmas slows things down a bit).

In case you’re wondering how that’s possible when there’s so many people in front of you…

(Matt0r) #16

Excellent news. Thanks for replying.

(Josh Bray) #17

Hey @Dono
That comment was from early September but it’s vastly improved since then.

(Donovan) #18

Good news indeed, I was struggling to find any update from that message hence my question. :slight_smile: Thank you for clarifying.

(Josh Bray) #19

No worries. Hopefully you’ll get your card soon. It’ll be worth the wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

(MikeF) closed #20

The prepaid card waiting list is now closed as no new accounts are being issued. To discuss the waiting list for Current Accounts: