Queue waiting times & referrals [Prepaid Beta]

I joined Monzo on Android, Thurs 4/05/17 and invited my wife (IOS) to join. She signed up the same evening. I was about 15 000th on the waiting list to get a card.

She has already received her card on Saturday. I am still waiting, there are still 9 500 people ahead of me.

How’s that possible, did I miss something?

IIRC users who sign up using a referral link skip the queue. Monzo will usually enable you to skip the queue too in this situation - or you could just use a golden ticket from the dedicated topic in this community -

To be address the original topic title (Android vs iOS - which I’ve now changed), your waiting time in the queue should be the same, whether you are on Android or iOS. As far as I know, there aren’t separate queues for each platform.

Thanks for the response. I got myself a golden ticket, thanks! :grin:

Wouldn’t it make sense if you refer someone, you get bumped up to the top, rather than the person you referred. Once they refer someone new, they will get bumped up.

The loophole is to refer yourself then get your card in a few days instead of having to make referalls. :neutral_face:

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