We’re making some changes to our payments flow 🎉

Hey everyone :wave:
We’ve been a bit quiet on here recently, but I’m excited to share some exciting news! In Core Experience, we’ve been improving some of our most core parts of the app to make them simpler and more user friendly :sparkles:

We’re currently working on improving the experience for sending money to someone else and we want you to be part of the journey! :money_with_wings:

After our last project, you gave us some feedback about wanting to try our features early so you didn’t have to wait for the full release. So… here we go! We’re still in the early stages of development, but starting today, you can head to Labs and enable our new Payments flow.

It currently only works for sending money to someone else on Monzo, but we’re working on expanding this to any account right now!

Some of the key things we’ll still be adding:

  • The ability to change the source account (Joint Account users, we see you :eyes::eyes::eyes:)
  • The ability to schedule payments
  • Improved ways to find the payee you want to pay
  • Simpler ways to add amounts and references

As I said, we’re making this available early so not everything will be perfect and you’ll be able to toggle it off at any point to use the existing experience if needed. We’d love to hear feedback on how you find the new design - things you like, things you think we can still improve and anything else that comes to mind!

It’ll be available for everyone next week, or from today if you’re a Beta user. Head to Labs and turn on New Payments Flow ✨ :rocket:

:v: Giorgio


As a heads up - as it always comes up in these things - the Feed item that you get after activating it doesn’t do anything even though it says “Tap to find out more” :slight_smile:

I didn’t hit send - but the flow looks good, UI’s neater and cleaner for sure! Be good to see this expand! :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback @michaelw90! @nurlan is there something we can do to improve that?

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ve now raised a change to not include “Tap to find out more” if that won’t take anywhere useful / specific.


When tapping ‘Add £9.99 to Bills’ previously, £9.99 was transferred instantly.

I understand in the new flow I need to select an account to transfer from, but it would be good if maybe the current account is preselected, and the amount is prefilled.


Just let me pay through Siri again on iOS. This was BY FAR the easiest way before you inexplicably removed support years ago.


Been with Monzo since 2018 and never heard of paying through Siri but if it was available I’d certainly use it.

“Hey Siri, send Mike £10 for pizza from Monzo”

“I have sent a 10lb pizza to Mike”


I wouldn’t use it through fear of it misinterpreting and sending money to someone else. Perhaps this was why they removed it :person_shrugging:

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I believe the feature did work recently as you mentioned and it seems broken. Not just me then.

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Thanks for flagging. We’ll add it to our board and look into it


Can you make it more simpler to see which account your moving money from. Half the time I think I’m moving money from my current account but ends up taking it out of my joint account, and then when I’m trying to pay into my partners account it ends up going into the joint account because for some reason my partners picture is on our joint account which is the same as his current account. It’s very confusing. It should be just a simple screen asking which account you want the money to move from and to who…. With a drop down bar of all my payees or something. We should also be able to have the option to edit our payees images so we can easily see who we’re paying

Hey @NickyPreston 100%! I’m sorry you’ve experienced this :pray: Making it easier to know which account you’re paying from is one of the key problems we’ll be solving for in this new flow. We’ll also be letting you easily switch the source, so you can jump between your Joint/Personal accounts.

Have you had a chance to try this out in labs?


No not noticed this in labs yet. I’ll keep looking.

Awesome, it should be available on the latest app versions - let me know if you still can’t see it though!

Just to note, right now it’ll only work for Monzo to Monzo payments and have limited functionality, but we’ll be adding to it each week!

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Yeah just seen it and clicked it on. Thanks

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I know you just said it’s limited but I did expect to be able to tap my personal account to switch.

Also, there’s no back arrow visual, the touch point is there so you can tap and get back but nothing shows


:heart: Can’t wait until we implement this! It’s on our list, but we have some work we need to do first around getting the new flow working on all payment types first. :soon:


Thanks for raising :eyes:

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