Payment request to other Monzo user ‘disappears’

(Jolin) #1

I just discovered that I can request a payment from another :monzo: user directly (instead of sending a link) so that the request appears directly in their feed. This is fantastic! However, it could use a bit of improvement:

  • The reason that until now I didn’t know this feature existed, is because it’s accessed by tapping on the person in the ‘Pay’ tab, and doesn’t appear in the ‘Request’ tab. I assume/hope this will be cleared up in the imminent payment screen redesign.

  • The person I requested money from doesn’t remember getting an alert. The only way they would know I requested money is if I tell them or if they happen to check their fees. Obviously I think there should be an alert.<\del>

  • After I’ve sent the request, it doesn’t appear anywhere in my app, so I have no proof it’s been sent, and nowhere to track it. I think this should appear in the same place as the bill splitting requests. But it needs to be somewhere.

Edit: Second point was wrong!

(👨‍💻) #2

It appears in the transaction information. It shows the transaction as requested. It’s also in the shared tabs in the payment section.

The person should have a request in their feed until it is declined. It then should disappear.

I wish there was a way to dismiss the request once it has been sent. There isn’t currently a way to do this.

(Jolin) #3

It doesn’t do any of these things which is the problem. I’m not talking about making a request using Bill Split, I’m talking about when you use the Request button in a Monzo contact’s details page (tap on the under RECENT in the main Pay screen:

If you use this request, nothing appears in the main feed (until the person pays of course) or the Shared tab.

They just misremembered! We tried again, and there is definitely an alert! :boom: Have edited the post to reflect that. Other two issues are still there, though.