Payments Tab Redesign - Making Monzo email

What do people think of the Payment Tab redesign sneak peak in the November Making Monzo email?


My Thoughts

  • Hopefully the “Contacts” icon takes you to some sort of Payee address book with a searchable, alphabetical list of all your payees (including those on Monzo). Ideally this address book would also have a “recent” section at the top.
    (NB: if this is the case, maybe it should be named “Payees” instead).

  • It’s good to see a more clear “Recurring payments” section.

  • Will the “Shared payments” section include pending Bill Splits as well as Shared Tabs?

  • Following the discussion here, I also think it could be nice to have a section for pending transactions and unsettled foreign currency transactions.
    (as well as a better way to distinguish pending transactions in the feed - maybe similar to how unsettled foreign currency transactions)


Looks like a great improvement to me, very much welcome. Hoping too that contacts brings up a nice list of payees.


Looks mega clean! :smile::smile:

I’m excited to see it :eyes: hoping that those subscription & direct debit logos are dynamic :heart_eyes:

Tidy is definitely a good adjective here, hoping that the rest of the app sees some similar little reshuffles just to keep the app nice and fresh :boom:

The settings page was revamped and that’s been nice, the card management screen was next, this page looks like it’ll be the 3rd edition and I’m looking forward to what’s next :grin:


Looks good to me as it looks a lot tider. Hoping the contacts will bring a list of payees.


That would be great

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Is there an iOS preview too? I didn’t get the email :slightly_frowning_face:

There was only the image in my original post and this related text:

Redesigning the Payments tab

Now we let you split the bill, manage shared expenses and set up regular payments, the Payments tab has become much more complex. So we’re giving it a redesign to make room for the new features. What do you think?


I’m still not sure of the ‘cards’, here and throughout the app. I always felt it was not needed and makes things look needlessly cramped.

Overall, it’s an improvement though. :+1: I just hope the contacts/payees page is as good!

I’d take any improvement but the one thing I desperately want is a payee address book which can hold mutiple accounts for the same person that can be labelled descriptively.

Hopefully that row of payee thumbnails at the top is not just for contacts on Monzo as that’s about as useful to me as an ashtray on a motorcycle.


Same here. Lack of a button isn’t filling me with hope…

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A “Send bank transfer” button also appears to be missing.

Perhaps they’re both hidden above the “Pay or request section.

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As far as I’m aware, no features are going away. Do remember that this is a work in progress single design snapshot. This design links in with a few features that will be coming roughly along with it (such as proper saved payee management). :slightly_smiling_face:


Will it still require access to our Contacts, or is that being re-addressed?

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