Receiving a large CHAPS Payment

Hi all,

I was sent a large payment via the CHAPS method this morning (around 9am). I am still yet to receive this into my Monzo account. Any ideas when this would be recievied as I can’t see anything in my app…? From my understanding it’s meant to be within 3 hours…


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This is a question for the person/bank that has sent it to you.

Have you double checked the details you gave/they used?


@Revels I’ve already asked them payment was sent just after 9am and should have shown in my account within 3 hours of that. They have confirmed the correct details and showing their end as payment sent.

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I don’t know, I’m afraid.

Definitely worth dropping Monzo a message in the app, though, to see if they can see it behind the scenes (or offer any advice if not).

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CHAPS can take a while to arrive. Normally same day. I’d give it a bit of time & then chase up with the support. :+1:t3:


Thanks @michaelw90. I’ll give it a bit longer then - why can’t companies just use Faster Payments and move with the times!

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I agree. Just need to give things time in most banking scenarios. Which I know can be annoying given money is at stake!

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Can sometimes be delayed by fraud checks and manual review as well. Especially if it’s a new, larger payment.


Ask the sending bank for a TRN number. That will help Monzo to trace it in the system if possible.

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Probably worth waiting a full 24 hours before checking where it is, but likely to arrive before end of business.

Has it come through yet?

I must say, I would have already been checking in with Monzo about where the money is, and what their estimate of how long it would take to credit to your account would be.

Why? Isn’t the policy that once they receive it, it will show in the account? I would be going to the sender to have them chase it up (and have them provide the TRN for if I need to pass it to Monzo).

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CHAPs is a same day service (if the criteria are met), not a 24 hour service.


I don’t know. That’s the point.

My relationship is with my bank. Not my friend/colleague/customer’s bank.

It seems perfectly logical and sensible to therefore check in with my bank. They can advise me on how long it would take to be posted when received, take a look behind the scenes to see if it had come in and advise me on next steps and the information I’d need to track it down.

Why not?

Staff have stated it many times on the community.

Agreed. I said I would be going to the sender (not the senders bank). It might be held for a security check that the sender has not done.

Already covered above.

Already covered above.

Already covered above (the TRN).

If we are going to disregard everything we already know, then frankly nobody should bother offering advice on the forum, just send everyone to customer support for everything. At least based on this thread the OP now knows what they need to go to customer support with should they need to. But hopefully it has now arrived.


If I’m expecting a parcel I don’t go to Royal Mail to complain, I go to the company sending it.

Same applies here. Go to the source and get a straight answer not the “middleman” who has limited information.

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Same day still runs til midnight.

Hopefully not much longer for you.

With respect, I think the advice always has to be go to support. We don’t know how accurate what we think the info is. Staff that are on here, including those who have posted in this topic, aren’t providing formal support and don’t, I think, work on that area. I’d hate to give someone false hope based on what a bunch of folk think they know.

If I’ve not received my post, then it’s absolutely Royal Mail’s issue.

More accurately, if I’m paying for a consierge to take my packages, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with checking in with them to make sure it’s not been put under the counter before making not enquires.

This shouldn’t be a massive issue. I just don’t understand why people are railing against a commonsense starting point. It doesn’t mean that that’s the last and final stop.

That is not what is stated - parcel, not post. Maybe not intentional, but you distorted the point which was being made to suit your argument.

A better example would be if you are expecting Evri to deliver a parcel, do you drive to their depot if it has not arrived? It is the senders responsibility to get it to you. And to put that back in banking terms - you don’t contact your bank if you didn’t get a payment from someone else. Your bank hasn’t got it!

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Not 24 hours then… but I thought CHAPs latest was 6pm, used to be earlier, (and some banks will have earlier deadlines for the sending themselves.