CHAP's Payment hasn't arrived in account

Hey All, First time poster - not had any issues with Monzo, having been full Monzo for over a year now until today. This morning I completed on a house sale, with money to be coming my way. Being full Monzo I supplied my Monzo account for this CHAP’s payment. It never arrived.

The solicitors have confirmed it has left there account - and CHAPs should take no more than 3 hours, alas - 7 hours later nothing. Monzo haven’t been overly helpful on app and I cannot get through on the phone line, it just cuts out.

Really stumped on what to do here - I’m 30k missing. Monzo do not answer the phone, and I don’t even have the house to live in anymore!

Anyone else had any issues with Monzo and CHAPS/Same Day Large amounts? I would like some reassurance that they do arrive eventually and that Monzo do not just have a bit pit of large payments that they are keeping to themselves!

Thanks for bearing with,


Hi Josh & welcome :wave:

I had a similar amount paid to me as part of a house-thing late last year, into my Monzo Joint account without issue. Not particularly helpful for you I acknowledge, but it does work. There may be factors involved which have delayed this transfer but I’m sure you’ll get the money. Monzo won’t ‘keep’ it.

Thanks for the reassurance David. Good to know, there seem to be lots of horror stories on the internet about an over zealous fraud prevention system.

Hopefully in the morning it will be solved!


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Can’t hurt to also drop an email to

CHAPS is used as it’s garantueed

Takes ages to arrive

The irony

As with any transaction, it could have been flagged for fraud/money laundering and been put on a hold for additional checks. This could have been done by both the solicitors bank and also Monzo and doesn’t matter if it was a quick CHAPS payment it would still need to be investigated.

Some banks like HSBC also don’t seem to like initial payments to Monzo and holds them up for additional checks so if your solicitors bank is HSBC, or ones like it, it could be that.

Reading a Financial Ombudsman newsletter it also gives a scenario that the receiving bank could literally be too busy to receive a CHAPS payment thus puts it on hold it up to deal with later. You would just have to wait that out I guess.

Your solicitors accidently made (or yourself) a sort code/account number error. The big one being getting the 04-00-04 sort code wrong. Some people have reported failed payments and it turns out they put incorrectly 04-00-40 by mistake.

Monzo will generally request a TRN (Transfer Reference Number)* from the sending bank so that they can chase the payment quicker from their side. Ask your solicitor to contact their bank for the TRN for you.

*There could be a CHAPS reference number but this is where my knowledge is more hazy as the above quote was for a Faster Payment. Maybe as your solicitor to ask for both a TRN and/or a CHAPS reference number and don’t give up calling Monzo.

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There’s an issue with Faster Payments reported on the :monzo: Status Page but I don’t think this should affect CHAPS payments?