CHAPS faster payment

Hi All have been told by my employer a chaps payment was authorised yesterday at 4.30pm for around £300 that is owed to me. However we are now on the next day and no sign of the money, does anyone know when I can expect the money to arrive? My employer has said between today and tomorrow morning but reading online is saying it is in banks within a few hours so it doesnt make sense. Thanks in advance.

Your employer needs to chase it with their bank but they’ll probably just say to wait as it hasn’t been that long. More likely is they haven’t sent it.

If Monzo had it, you’d have it.


It’s instant in Monzo, so as soon as they have it the money will reflect in your account.

If your employer is saying between today and tomorrow, then on Sunday I’d be going back to your employer if it hasn’t arrived.

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Usually by close of business next working day depending on what time it was issued and what their processes are.

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Thanks all spoke to employer turns out it hasnt been sent yet, I dont know what they are playing at, constant issues with them! So frustrating as I have told them I need the money. Does anyone know if there is a cut off for chaps?

Google says the following:

Looks like I Still have some time, but who knows ive never had one before so I am none the wiser

Hi There :wave:

Chaps payments have a cut off usually late afternoon but these vary for each bank, I’d recommend contacting your employer to ask for the finer details.

Hi Tom do you know an exact time for Monzo? Thanks

Hey Hannah,

The time you receive your payment purely relies on your employers bank as they are sending the payment, once it hits Monzo you’ll get it instantaneously!

To answer your question directly though, I do not know off the top of my head I can come back with a proper answer later today.


I see thanks tom

I think your bigger issue is your employer actually sending it! The times don’t really matter much when they don’t press the go button.


Definitely. Looks as though they are messing around. I never seem to get any where with them, would likely take a matter of minutes to send it. Idiots

Hi Tom do you know the cut off time.please the payment has been processed now thanks

Hi There,

Ive been unable to confirm this for you but as mentioned the arrival of your payment is not determined by our processing times as we are not the bank that is sending/processing the payment.

Once we receive it youll get it :slight_smile:

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Why the hell are they sending a chaps payment fir £300?


I wondered that too. They’re not cheap to send and seems ludicrous for £300.

I think the only time i’ve ever used CHAPS is when buying my house. I’m sure there’s a £30 charge or something

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Fairly sure it’s something to do with the business banking set up with some companies, and possibly cheaper/more secure for a CHAPS (which is free for some banks if you do it online).