Late Payment CHAPS

Hi All,

I understand there is currently a problem with Monzo accounts receiving CHAPS payments. I’m struggling to get much clarity as when this will be resolved. I am waiting to receive payment

Thanks so much

No mention on the status page

Strange - lots of users on twitter seem to be having the same issue. Hopefully they address soon!

I’m struggling to remember whether they even support CHAPS at the moment. They did at one point but there was some discussion a while back that suggested that may have changed.

(Of course that may be outgoing rather than incoming)

Thanks all!

I think they do, just received an in-app udpate

“Our engineers have just confirmed we expect this issue to be resolved by the end of today. Be rest assured that this is absolutely a priority for us.”

Pretty annoying, but hey ho

Do you mean the faster payment service?

CHAPs predates faster payments. It is for same day payments if initiated before 2pm (on a banking day). Obviously it is largely redundant since Faster Payments was launched.

I know what CHAPS is but the issue today AFIK is with FPS

I think it is pretty clear from the thread it is about CHAPs unless lots of people are wrong.

The only faster payments issue Monzo is having today is with nationwide

I missed this