Incoming bank transfer not reflecting

I have been paid an amount this morning , but it is not reflecting in my bank account. The person who did the payment contacted there bank and they confirmed that it had physically left their side. They told me to contact Monzo to see what is the reason the payment is not showing.

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Paid by which method/which bank? If it’s not showing in your bank account it’s because Monzo don’t have it to give it to you. Most transfers are instant but some banks do take longer.

Ask the sender to get a TRN (transaction reference number) from their bank, because that’s what Monzo will need to do any sort of tracing, but it doesn’t need to go that far really because either A) the person hasn’t actually hasn’t sent it B) the money hasn’t made it’s way to you yet

Thanks for the reply , I have seen the money has definitely left the account. It was from a private HSBC account , and for around £9K.
HSBC told the person who did the payment that Monzo may be doing checks on the amount for fraud prevention ???

It will be the sending bank that do the checks at the time of the transfer.

So does the person who did the payment then need to contact HSBC again ?

Did you read the link?

If your transfer was sent before 6pm, it’ll be processed by HSBC before 9pm that day. Once they’ve processed it, it should arrive within 4 hours. If the transfer hasn’t arrived by 11pm, please get in touch with HSBC to make sure they’ve processed it.

You need to wait until 11PM and if it hasn’t arrived, speak to HSBC.

Yes I did thank you , saw it now.

Will contact HSBC again , and hopefully reflects by this evening.

Thanks for your help

This may help too, faster payments aren’t always instant.

The bank deposit transfer has still not arrived in my bank account. I have contacted HSBC and they have confirmed that they do not have the funds, I do have the TRN number as confirmation as well. Please assist.

@JacquesV8 you will need to speak to Monzo in the app. Go to help, search for contacting support, open a new chat and tell them what is wrong. They will need the TRN to trace the transaction.

You have probably already done this, but have you made sure the account number and sort code were correct when sent from HSBC?