Really disappointing customer service!

One of the many people (my mother) who I have recommended Monzo has received really poor customer service today, and sadly reinforcing her believe that she still wants a bank to have a local branch she can walk into.

The monzo app has signed her out and I can not help her sign back in. After deleting the app and starting again based on some other users having the same issue I get to the confirm mobile phone step but it says mobile already in use. Stuck

She rang customer support today and after giving her e-mail address and further details they said she failed security and they can not help any further. Thinking it might be the e-mail address she got wrong (and my mother is is 75) she offered another potential e-mail but the person on the phone was now getting rather abrupt and saying no you have failed security checks you can use the support chat, expect she can’t because she can not sign into the app.

The next issue is I am 99% sure that my mother did provide the correct e-mail as that was working in the app sign in, it was the phone section failing. Basically this is a monzo app issue and they will not help where does she go from here?

As an investor I am disappointed they would not resolve this issue and didn’t seem to care or offer any way to resolve, no sorry old lady I will not help.


It sounds like you’re using the wrong email.

May be worth going through the various email accounts she has and looking for the one that has received a magic link to sign in in the past, and then attempting again using that email.

As for proceeding with support, at this point I’d escalate it as a complaint by way of email.


If she had to enter the phone number then that’s the sign up flow, so it must be the wrong email

Unfortunately they can’t help her in any way guess the correct email as that would be very useful to fraudsters


If it’s asking for a phone number, you’re going down the sign-up flow, not the login flow.

Because you’ve already signed up using that phone number, the app thinks you are trying again to sign up and is informing you that the number is taken - because it is!

This will be an incorrect email address being entered, one that Monzo doesn’t have on record.


I understand it’s disappointing, but this is user error. I don’t mean that harshly, but that’s what it is.

You wouldn’t be happy if someone pretending to be your mother failed verification but was allowed to make changes to the account?


Absolutely. I think email is the next best step forward for better or worse. There’s greater scope for verifying identity than there is over the phone.

Then again how come several people on this forum were able to identify the problem and solution within minutes whereas the phone support locked her out? None of the correct advice here needed any security checks, just a basic working knowledge of the app.


Sadly, because we know more.


@pcmfi3her Sorry to hear that your mother has had issue trying to get into her account.

As some of the users have already highlighted, account security is paramount and we want to make sure that no one has access to the account besides the account holder.

If you get your mother to email we’ll be able to take a closer look into this issue or if your mother feels comfortable to get back in touch over the phone after re-checking the details she used to sign up we can hopefully resolve this issue.


Agreed, and I understand they have to be very careful here I do. I’ll dig around see if the has any other e-mail address that could have been used, its just we really don’t think she has any more.


It could just be she accidentally pressed into the wrong flow.

I suggest she deletes the app, reopens it and makes sure to click on ‘log in’ instead of ‘sign up’. Then try the email, if it’s not recognised, then look for others.

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Not anything as simple here as vs or vs uk?

Oh my goodness. Hotmail, or rather Microsoft in general are the absolute worst for this stuff! I could never keep track of which domain was in use where, or rather if I’d been given a .com or

I was forever using the wrong email in forms because of this, so definitely worth double checking that! It’s an easy trip up.

How do you get your email address wrong? I have Hotmail and yahoo accounts, never had this issue.

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Several people manage to get their email address wrong. I have a fairly uncommon name (I can only find 2 famous people with the same name in history), and my email address is formatted surname.firstname@.

And yet I’ve had emails from schools about my son (Zac, he’s doing OK but got into a spot of bother during lockdown by not logging on), my stays at various expensive hotels in the Middle East, my membership of various golf clubs, invoices for very expensive wine, architectural plans for country cottages, and, memorably, an email from Action Fraud containing a letter in pdf format for someone in Lytham St Annes (thanks for letting us know, but there’s nothing more we can do, I printed it off and posted it to him). These are all from at least 5 different people.


Sorry, I did reply, but my post got stuck awaiting approval! Probably triggered Monzo’s spam filter or something.

Essentially, back in the MSN days when there was live and hotmail at both com and uk, I would get confused quite a bit as to exactly which was associated with my email.

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She can email from her email address, including the phone number on her account, a selfie holding her ID and put something like “cannot login” as the subject of the email.

Our email team will then be able to update the email address on her account and get her logged back in.


I have surname@…

My most memorable misdirected email was one from “my” attorney in the US, asking me if I still intended on suing “my” estranged wife for custody of “my” children.

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Hope your mum and yourself gets this sorted. This just reminds me why I’m glad Monzo doesn’t have branches. In my experience, they are 100% worse for dealing with problems! Plus the hassle of finding a branch open, parking up and then waiting for one cashier serving a Q of 10. Yuk.

I chose :monzo: so I didn’t have to go through any of that again. A massive positive aspect in favour of digital banking.