Problem using Monzo iPhone app

I opened a Monzo account around a year ago, deposited a small amount of money but have never been able to use it. When I try to login with my phone App, I enter my details and it sends a security PIN to my phone. I enter the PIN and then it asks me " What phone number I would like to use on this account" I put the number of my phone, the one that I just received my security PIN. But then it says “Phone already in use”.

Can anybody please help me with this?

Double-check the email address you’re using. The app only asks for your phone number if it thinks you’re a new customer trying to open an account for the first time.


Thank you for taking the time to respond, but I cannot get into my account to check which email address I used. If it’s the one I think it is, it no longer exists because it was ceased when I changed ISP.

The account is linked to the email address you supplied at registration, as that is where you must receive your “magic link” email.

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to register then your best option is to email monzo and tell them that this is the case, and that your new email should apply, and you’ll probably be asked to provide a selfie to prove it’s you. Once they update your account you should be able to login to it using the new email address.

Thanks tbutz, I’ve just rooted through my email archive and that’s exactly my problem. The email address I registered with no longer exists so I need to contact them.

I’ve seen on the forum that “” is the email address I should use. Could someone confirm this?

The correct email is

I’ve just found this help article which indicates what you may need to provide, although confusingly it says “When you log back in using your old email, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN for security reasons.” which is weird, because I’d expect you to login with the new email. But in any event, you will also need to remember your card PIN…

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Many thanks “ibutz”.

I have followed your advice and sent the email. Yes the re-login info is strange but we’ll see what happens if & when I get a reply.

Your help is appreciated.


Just to let you know that my email was replied to immediately with my new login details and I can now access my account.

Many thanks