Urgent help please

Hi all,

Please I hope someone can help what’s the email address for monzo? I’ve tried calling and have been on hold for 20 minutes then it cut off :confused: I’ve been told to reinstall my app by monzo which I did… now when I try and log in it says already registered no option to go anywhere else :pensive:


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Thank you I will email them now. Do they actually have people to answer the phones? I must admit I’ve been early adaptor since the days of mondo but to get locked out of my account and no help instantly isn’t great #justsaying :thinking:

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If it’s telling you you’re already registered it sounds like you’ve gone down the “new user” flow, rather than log in.

Get back to the beginning and click login instead and you should be fine.

I did this as login :pensive: keeps looping back to already registered

Are you 100% certain?

Because you’re getting the message that you’ve gone the wrong way.

Yeah I redownloaded the app then clicked login then it says enter email which I did. It sent me an email with a magic link then asked for mobile number and then already registered? Am I doing something wrong?

Can you sign into the web version with that email address?

Panick over :joy: I was using an old email address :speak_no_evil: all logged in now


Glad you’re sorted :+1:t2:


Yep all done feel a little silly lol :joy:

Stress and panic about losing money/access to it messes up the logical part of the brain!


Yes that was deffo me 30 mins ago lol :joy:

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That was emotional

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