Reactivate premium card

I am a Monzo premium customer for the last couple of years… about 6 months back I ordered a neon yellow card from Monzo for referring multiple people.

I would now like to re-activate my metal premium card however cannot find a way to do this. Is this possible? can anyone at Monzo help?

Thank you

Hello. You’ll have to reach out in chat and explain the situation. I imagine it will involve ordering a new one which chat agents can support you with.


I believe it was confirmed at the time that it would be chargeable at the metal card replacement rate


There are 2 ways to do this, understanding that your Yellow card IS your premium card and replaced your white metal card when you obtained the yellow card:

  1. Wait until 2025 - when your current Yellow card expires, you’ll be sent a new white metal card
  2. Cancel Premium. Then re-subscribe to Premium. This will trigger a new card (white metal) to be issued against your account

There won’t be a charge for (1) but there my be a charge for (2)

(Very few people on this forum are actual Monzo employees - we’re mainly all customers)


You cannot reactive that card. You can either “lose” your yellow one and get a replacement of whichever card you choose and the associated cost, or wait until the neon expires.

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