I want Monzo plus but I have a neon yellow card

Hi, please excuse any spelling mistakes I’m dyslexic and autistic lol.

I want to upgrade my account to the Monzo plus however I have a neon yellow card that I got this year that I don’t want to trade in or get rid off. I’ve tried finding online if there’s an option to keep my current card and not need a new one but I can’t find out how to do it if it’s even possible.

How do I do it? If it’s even possible


I believe when you upgrade you can just ignore the option to order the card. Even if one did come, just don’t activate it and keep it stashed away safely.


As @DaveJ mentions, ordering the Plus card is completely optional - you can skip the step during signup.


Thank you so much!!


What happens when the OP’s card expires? Would he receive a Plus card to replace his neon yellow card?

Depending if there’s any stock left for neon replacements at that point in time.

It may not be the same colour, or may just be a holo blue replacement if there’s no neon at all.

Cards are 3 years expiry so who knows what colours are around at that point in time.

Sounds like those with these coloured cards would revert to coral after 3 years (best colour IMHO).

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You never know, Coral might’ve been replaced by then. Who knows what the future holds? :slight_smile:

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No cards at all? :eyes: