Monzo Premium Metal Card

My metal card is falling apart and it’s difficult to use? Can I get a new card?


In the app, go to help, search for “contact”, press “Contacting Support” and ask Monzo.

I’m intrigued, is it just the chip that is falling out? Have you got any pictures of your card?

Hi @Jemmajohnston28 :wave:

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Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Premium card :broken_heart:

From our Terms and Conditions:

We’ll never charge you for replacements where your card expires, is faulty, or has been swallowed by an ATM.

If you lose your Monzo metal card or it gets stolen, then we’ll charge you £50 to replace it. That’s how much it costs us to get your Monzo Premium card made. If you need us to post your replacement card to somewhere outside the UK, we’ll charge you the international card delivery fee in all circumstances.

But as @Revels highlighted, it would be best to speak to our in app chat team who will be best placed to help with this one :pray: