New card optional on account change?

So I have been chatting with my friend promoting the plus account and he started asking questions on the metal card on the premium account that I couldn’t answer si I would like to pass this to you guys.

When I upgraded to monzo plus I was given the option to change my card. Orange/pink to the blue.

Now if I ever change from plus back to basic will i keep the blue card activr or automatically be replaced with another orange/pink card. ?

Main reason to ask is if your old card still works what is stopping someone going premium for the minimum term with a metal card and then downgrade back to plus or basic keeping the metal card working

If you cancel plus or premium the card is cancelled and you get sent a hot coral one


It’ll be cancelled. You might also receive a penalty cancellation fee depending how long you’ve been subscribed (before the minimum time)


It doesn’t make environmental sense, but I guess “if you’re no longer premium, you don’t get to keep the metal card”

Minimum term is 6 months at £15 a month - costing you £90 - I can’t find the link now, but I keep seeing it on Tiktok, there’s a company that’ll make you a metal card for £90, not a great solution as you’d have to replace it when your plastic card expires (they transfer the card data over to your custom metal one)

I’ll have trust issues since they could clone your card additionally isn’t this an American company as I’ve seen the same advert if it is

It was a uk based company, but I can’t find it in my browser (must have used TikTok browser to display the site) and I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it, the advertisement showed a guy in Dubai throwing away his old plastic card into the sea


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That’s the one!, kinda makes sense if your card expires in like 4 years, like my premium one does, a regular card though… you only get a year or two before replacement is needed, unless something has changed

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That seems… Environmental


Still kinda sketchy in my option

Just hope a fish don’t steal your pennies

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Useless too as I have not once used my Monzo metal card too since getting it. I use Apple Pay where I can. The only thing I was using cash now allows me to pay via BACS :slight_smile:

  1. I missed the fact it was optional on Monzo premium
  2. It looked cool, like something I wanted

Well, that didn’t last long! Goodbye, Everyday Value @Revels

I wonder when I’ll get a knockoff version of me? It’d be an honour


Ah, another fellow David!

I just wonder if the profile picture is the result of a reverse image search or if they knew what to look for? :eyes:


Suggest you glue a working plastic card to the defunct metal card. You still get your desired ‘feel good factor’ without the ongoing expense.

Actual if you had two metal cards you could sandwich the plastic one between.

You’re welcome.