IOS reorder card not working

Hey anyone know why the ‘reorder card’ function doesn’t work in the iOS version of the app? It works fine for my partners account but won’t select on mine :expressionless:

In the monzo app settings under privacy and security , its there a screenshot setting?

I’m not familiar with iOS , so maybe someone else can help.

Hi @Skull & welcome :wave:

How many cards/pots do you have? Are you trying to change the order of a Joint Account and a Personal account? - if so, you’ll need to enable/disable ‘Show joint account first’ in Monzo Labs (in Settings)

So the reorder card function at the bottom of the page doesn’t work no matter how many times I’ve clicked on it. The card it’s self hasn’t arrived and was supposed to in September, does anyone know an email address or some other way of contacting Monzo as there is no information on how to fix this anywhere from what I can see :neutral_face:

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If you Click on the help tab > Type ‘Contact’ into the search > Click on the result titled ‘Contacting Support’ and there will be a link to chat in there.

They should be able to reorder your card for you as well as pass the bug to the right people

Ah, I see.

I interpreted your initial error report that you were trying to reorder a card as per - changing the order of displayed cards in the app.

But in fact you want to reorder a card as per - the first card never arrived and I’d like to reorder one.

Is your partner using an Android device? If so, log out of Monzo on your partners phone, then login as you. Once logged in, reorder a card (for you) on your partners device and once done, log out and then let your partner log back in :crossed_fingers:

If going the ‘Chat’ route, you may experience a delay;

Hello! Same issue here, reorder button doesn’t do anything.
I ll try the chat thanks for the advice

Same issue here, too.

It doesn’t work because there’s a lag between “your card should have arrived” and when it lets you reorder.

If you wait a couple of days it will let you press it. Or speak to support.