Ability to change the order of pots and accounts on the main screen

It would be great to be able to reorder my savings / round up pots in the UI so that I don’t have my bills pot right in between my other generic savings pots!

If you’re on android head to the labs section in the settings. If you’re iOS, its coming :soon:



When is :soon: though, end of Q1 I understand?

Brings me back to another frustration with monzo currently, no feature parity. And for those that say this isn’t possible/costs money etc I know - I work in software development, and it is :slight_smile:

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Cmon guys leave this stuff in the main thread about it it doesn’t need rehashing over and over again, not helpful for someone asking a simple question.

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He already had the answer…but point taken :slight_smile:

If Monzo actually released this for iOS then it wouldn’t need rehashing :wink:


I thought it was mentioned that it’s currently not being worked on & won’t be released in Q1.

@joedmitchell fair point, apologies


Let’s stick with the Labs thread for this topic.