Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts and Pots

Hey all,

We’re starting to work on the ability to arrange your Pots and accounts in an order that makes sense for you. We’re also exploring ways to hide Pots that you don’t want to be reminded of every day, to help you reach your goals.

While we design how you’ll be able to order Pots and accounts, we have added the ability to list your joint account first in Monzo labs. We hope this provides a quick fix for those who use their joint account as their main account.

To use the feature, head to Monzo Labs in your app settings, and turn on Show joint account first.

It takes a few moments for the apps to catch up, but once that’s done you’ll see your joint account and pots listed before your personal account.

Let us know what you think! We’ll be updating this thread as we make progress on the Pot ordering flows.


Good progress.

Curious as to why this was the ‘first’ feature in this long awaited piece of functionality. Easy of implementation or volume of requests to have it added?


Great to know this is feature is getting close!

I use my personal account more than my joint, but I’m sure this will be very useful for many users.

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Here we go :tada: - good stuff. Especially for us users with JA’s as the primary account.

I’ve just gone to labs to enable ‘Show joint account first’ and I’ve experienced the annoying toggle-won’t-toggle issue. This was experienced a while ago with another Labs feature (can’t remember which)
What happens is you tap on the toggle to enable, but it doesn’t switch. So you tap again, and again…
It took me 6 taps to enable the toggle. The bug is still there - Android 10 (stock), Monzo 3.5.0

EDIT: It was taking ages to reorder the PA/JA so I force-stopped the app and re-opened which forced the reorder. Then I figured out that tapping on payments and then back to home also forced the reorder (quicker than waiting or force-stopping)


We started here due to ease of implementation:

  • A binary toggle of ‘show this first’ is much simpler than an interface to reorder 20-ish items.
  • Due to how the new app structure is built, this change didn’t need us to make changes to the apps, or wait for an app release to go out.

We see re-ordering Pots as the highest priority part of this bundle, but the UX there is a bit more complex, and we are focussing on fixing some app performance issues first.

We’ll share some work in progress screenshots of the ordering flow soon!



I think this is a nice starting point for sure considering alot of people on here say they use their joint as their “main” account.

So does this mean itll be in a month or two and not the weeks like initially thought from Tom’s tweet?

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In terms of timing, we have a lot of the components ready - but discovered some more critical issues post-launch that needed our attention first. Specifically, some app performance issues affecting the speed of balance updates, and some problems for people with visual impairments.

We need to get those solid before moving on to new features, but I think we’ll get there quite soon.

We’re sharing a general ‘New Nav’ update blog post later today, which summarises what we’ve learned, and our plan to address the top issues. Hopefully that’ll help.


Thanks for sharing all of this, as ever, the transparency is encouraging and very welcomed.


Yeah thats perfect, agree with @gmclean here, dont mind delays as long as there is a good justification provided.

In this case I agree attention to the technical debt around loading speed is well needed!


Here’s the general update:


Awesome, thanks for the update

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Darnit, I read the title and went straight to Labs to reorder my pots before I read the update.

Looking forward to Pot Ordering when it comes.


Oops! Just updated the title to try and avoid that happening for others :slight_smile:


Ah no worries - I just can’t resist a new feature, regardless of what it is or does.

I’m simple - see a new post about Labs, I immediately check it out without reading what it is or does.


Here’s a sneak peek of the work in progress designs for ordering pots (and a little hint on hiding).


Cant wait for this!

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This looks super sleek. Looking forward to moving my pots around everyday for that smooth sliding action.

Any chance you could also rename your accounts too?

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I know it is further down the line but if hiding a pot from feed can we have an option as to whether this action affects the total value of all accounts/pots. For example I might not want to see a fixed pot with another 10 months to run in my feed but I wouldn’t want to lose the value of the pot from my totals if that makes sense.

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Makes sense - we’re trying to work that out now.

The approach that seems most suitable (at least to start) is:

  • Hiding a pot removes it from both the horizontal swiping list of accounts, and your vertical list of accounts.
  • Your account’s total balance includes the balance of all pots, including hidden ones.
  • Hidden Pots are still displayed in places like Salary Sorter, so you can easily add money to them.