Re-joining Monzo after 3 years absence

Monzo customer service strikes again.


Not sure I ever see you say anything nice about Monzo :joy:

As for OP, I’ll take a look tomorrow and see if there’s anything further I can give advice wise.


I’m not sure you’re looking hard enough… :eyes:

More seriously, I really don’t like the binary approach that lots take here. By that, I mean that some folk pick a team (be it Monzo, Starling or whoever) and then that team can do no wrong and their opponents no right.

There’s a lot of excellent stuff about Monzo. But also a lot of things that could do with significant improvement, customer service being one of them. I think it’s doing a disservice not to praise the good stuff or call out the bad.


Curious why you don’t you have a staff badge yet?

Not in the :monzo: group on the community: Monzo - Monzo Community

May be employed by :monzo: though, 2 different scenarios that aren’t linked.


May have also created a new account :face_in_clouds:

Not a clue. I added my work email which didn’t do the trick. It’s no biggy.

I may wake up one morning and voila :crossed_fingers:t3::sweat_smile:

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I do agree that the CS at times hasn’t been the best, but recently I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how good it has become.

My only wish is that not everything had to be passed to a “specialist team” to look at - not really sure why such siloed thinking needs to exist in 2022. Knowledge should be shared to all COP’s and they should be empowered to do anything that isn’t super specialist (Fraud perhaps?). Just my opinion.


I was just wondering if you were trying to remain somewhat incognito :slight_smile:

This is a topic in and of itself, but that’s excellent news.

With apologies to any COps or other folk who might have been offended by my comment, but my experience has been that quite often I’ll write a message that I think is clear but will be differently interpreted by whoever reads it at Monzo. Or they’ll ask for information I’ve already given. It seemed to me that this was another example of that: someone reading a message quickly and sending off a quick response that, on your face of it is either a massive policy change (no one gets to reopen an account ever) or is on the basis of a misunderstanding and not putting themselves in the customer’s shoes.


Given how often I’ve seen it mentioned, I very much doubt it


I suppose the fact that it is “pleasantly surprising” shows that it was bad before.

It’s difficult to measure good service if you go into it expecting the worst. At that point even mediocre service appears amazing.

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i must jusr press the right options when i want to speak to some one from monzo as i have not had to wait for hrs and things have been sorted pretty quick , it would be interesting to see if plus/premium customers get a quicker response than standard

They would never admit it if that is the case. I doubt they do this though.

It’s one of those things that is difficult to measure because it is dependant on so many factors.

  • What the query is and how complex it is
  • How you word it so that it’s easy for them to understand what the problem is
  • The time of day and how busy they are
  • How many staff are in and not on holiday / sick etc
  • A lot of people are very vague (from experience on here) so there could be lots of back and forth to get the basic information needed
  • Some people are just outright rude and take their anger out on the poor customer support person (again from experience on here) so they probably get put to the bottom of the pile :smiley:

And lots of other things… but you get the idea :grin:


To be fair this has happened to me too.

I appear to have de-railed this thread a little, perhaps it needs it’s own space? :smiley:

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As someone who has just gone to premium I can say I get the same level of service as I did on plus and as a new customer on t’basic account. Which is how I would want it to be :smiley:


yeah i was being :imp: advocate thats some thing the old dinasour banks would more than likely do ohhh your a plus customer press button 666 lol


Indeed, HSBC have different phone lines depending on customer tier, for example.

Standard customers can only speak to them during limited hours, Advance customers get a 24/7 line and Premier/Jade customers get straight through to senior UK-based specialists.


I think for that to work, you have to have good service and then next level service.

Not patchy help followed by patchy paid help.


I’ve taken a look into this for you.

This can be for many reasons but it’s unlikely to result in a full detailed response as to why you’ve been rejected. Most banks work in this manner.

I’d wait for the full response from the customer advocacy team, and of course, if you’re dissatisfied with the response you’re free to go to the financial ombudsman which will be outlined in their response.