Re-opening of closed account / opening a new one

Hi, I’ve opened a Monzo account when I just moved to the UK but ended up using a different bank without ever giving Monzo a go. Having a personality trait of cleaning loose ends up I just closed my Monzo account at the time. Now, almost a year down the road I realized I want to give Monzo a go and possibly move my salary and direct debits there altogether. However I’m having difficulties re-opening my account or opening a new one.

When I try to log into the app it says my phone number is in use. The support is saying they can’t ‘offer me an account at the time’. And if I try a full re-application through the app with my other phone number it also ends up saying it’s a refusal. I’m content to accept it’s not going to work out, however I honestly don’t understand what’s triggering this harsh result? My income and stay in the UK are legal, nothing changed (for the worst at least) since my last application and I haven’t even used Monzo while I had the account. It seems like an automatic tag by some system on my account hence I decided to ask here for a manual intervention. Thanks!

We’re customers here so won’t be able to apply any sort of manual intervention, but as far as I’m aware Monzo don’t allow you to re-open an account after closing one, so it isn’t due to your circumstances, they just don’t allow re-opening accounts.

You can try emailing and explaining and see if they can help though.


Sounds like they’ve already contacted support & spoken to them - so not sure them reaching out again will bring different results.

Could attempt emailing - and seeing what they say in there. :slight_smile:


My Mrs just managed to make a new account yesterday after first emailing help@ (who said no still) then review@ (who let her make a new account) so definitely give it a go. Bare in mind it may take a while for them to reply, it took a full month for them to get back to her.


Will do, fingers crossed! @michaelw90 thanks for the same notion as well!


Similar happened to me and they rejected me . Luckily for me I emailed them and reached out to them of how great their accounts are and really wanted to become a member again and they opened me an account back up: just contact customer services and the decision making team too.

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@NickyPreston where exactly did you reach out to them? ie which channels

I can almost say for certain that this isn’t why they accepted your review.

Can you imagine if there was someone on the other end judging how worthy you are of a new account based on how much you plead? In fact, I’d love to have that job. I’d deny everyone.


:rofl: :clap:


I emailed each of these with my reasoning to have my account back.

If anybody reading this feels compelled to reach out and request a re-opening, I’d suggest reaching out only to one email and not all 3. Duplicate outreach is a PITA and is a huge waste of time for CX teams.


My wife originally emailed help@ (who said sorry but no) and it was them who suggested she try emailing review@


Nice one! That sounds like the one for people to use. Thank you for that context :muscle:!


Yeah they referred me to that email too. Then when I got conflicting information that’s when I complained as the information I was providing wasn’t being understood properly so I complained.