Closed account - trying to create a new account.

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Back at the start of the year I made the silly decision to close my account after having it for many years, I have since realised I messed up, and attempted recently to make a new account.

When I am asked for my number, I get the message that ‘Number is currently in use’, contacting customer support I’m told I cannot be offered a new account, So I am currently awaiting to here back from the review team.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this kind of experience, does this mean I’m out of luck?

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If you’ve submitted your request to the review team they’ll respond and let you know whether or not your account can be reopened.

We don’t have account access here so hold out a few days and see what they say :pray:t3:

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This situation appears to be hit and miss to be honest. Await the review and if it’s a no, look at other bank accounts.

Lots of back and forth in that topic. But to summarise:

If you closed it manually = you can’t come back
If you used CASS to move to a different bank = you can come back


Not in my case, so there must be something slightly more to it, but it’s a good starting point based on what people’s experiences have been.

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I CASS my account away and was told no by the app on rejoining in may last year contacted the review team and account was soon open

Note this has all changed very recently as that thread shows.

It’s a bit of an ongoing story as folks try to understand more of how it works but unfortunately Monzo have the final say on how it all works.

Only things I can suggest are emailing support asking if you can open a new account if you used CASS before, or if any other options exist if you closed it yourself.

Additionally, check you haven’t taken out credit or opened new accounts recently as that May negatively affect your odds.

It’s all speculation as the official details are hidden away but anything you could do that hurts your credit score could hurt your chances at a new monzo account too.

I really wish monzo would adopt an official line on what’s going on, as you say this seems to be the logic.

I get there can be many reasons for not opening an account but something as simple as starling/chase time based opening blocks might be a start?


I recently was allowed to open a new account after CASSing away last year, my Mrs who closed hers manually the same day was not allowed to reopen her old account.