Random Payment

Hi all,

I’ve just had a random payment pop up in my account for £100 it’s showing as from “Der”. I don’t recognise it and don’t think I am due anything (I could be I guess) just concerned that this is the Monzo.me payment test which gets accounts closed!

Is there a way to tell if it was from Monzo.me ?


I’d contact support in-app, quickly!


I concur.
If you weren’t expecting anything, then contact support immediately.

If you click on the transaction, there should be a “Something Wrong? Get help” button.


Yeh I have done! I’m hoping it’s not going to go down that route.

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Also be aware of any follow-up calls from someone claiming to be from Monzo, saying that your account might have been compromised. Monzo don’t do this.


No such thing has been confirmed. A handful of people came to that conclusion based on a few messages they exchanged.

The last thing we want to do is spread this and cause fear and panic.

Back on topic. Contact support, then take it from there. I’m sure they’ll work with you to resolve it and get your account secured :slight_smile:


Good point, you’re right. I’ve messaged them let’s see what happens :+1:

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Update - payment was from a Monzo.me link (yes mine is an easy 2 letter one).

I’m a bit confused though. They’ve just said move it to another account and wait until whoever it may be to reach out. :man_shrugging:t3:

Doesn’t seem like a great response to me :-/


Technically that’s what you should do because the money isn’t for you. If they sent it to /aa and meant to send it to /ab, then they may come back for it.

Have you thought about changing your Monzo.me link to something else a bit longer?


Yeh I understand that, I’ll leave the money and won’t touch it. I assumed that maybe they could reverse it back.

I’ve disabled my Monzo me link for now and will change it at some point.



I think they can only send payments back if by bank transfer, because monzo can see the senders details but with card payments, not sure why they can’t just reverse the transaction (unless systems aren’t capable of doing so).

Yeh, a little annoying that I am now just holding onto this money awaiting for a resolution which could be god knows how long.

Well if they don’t claim it in 6 years you’re free to keep it.


Another reason to disable Monzo me link

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Seems a bit odd if true. Every other merchant I know that processes card payments is capable of issuing refunds. This would basically just be a refund?

It’s not to a merchant account in the same manner, it’s to a more complex route just thinking about it.

Hi @Chris11

Sorry to hear that an unexpected and unrecognised Monzo.me payment has reached your account, and it looks like we might have given you some wrong information here.

Are you able to reach back out to us and request that we send these funds back to the sender, this can be done at your request as you don’t recognise this! Sorry about this I hope it gets resolved soon!


Thank you @_Tom this sounds better. I’ve contacted support and awaiting response :slight_smile:


Well the fun continues…

Eventually someone replied to me on chat and ‘returned’ the payment. However, as my account balance didn’t cover the whole amount they only refunded partial (even though I have an overdraft).

I’ve got in contact again and they’re now saying they can’t do anything about it. They can’t refund the remaining balance so I’ve now got £17.56 sitting in my account that isn’t mine and have no idea what to do next. :person_shrugging:

I’m not sure who else I could contact?

Can you top up your account, then go back to them?

Not sure if you can refund twice on the same transaction or not, I would have thought you could.

Probably shouldn’t have spent money you were asking them to refund. I wouldn’t expect them to put you into your overdraft to do that.

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