(Scott) #1

Hey all,

Does work?
Tried doing a few test payments and it says gone
Through but screen seems to be stuck if that makes sense


(Peter Roberts) #2

Hey Scott, are you trying to pay using Apple pay? I think that’s known to be flakey

(Scott) #3

Hey @Peter_R I am indeed, use Apple Pay for most things lol :wink:, oh I see if that’s the case I’ll try again with normal card payment in that case thanks :pray:

(Scott) #4

Little update did it via the card and not Apple Pay and worked with no issues, strange how Apple Pay messes up hmmm :nerd_face:

(Brian Moran) #5

Yeah it’s not very good when you use Apple Pay - you’ll be better using Apple Pay Cash were that becomes available.

(Ian Lyon) #6

Hey @Sczoo26 :wave:

When you get the :white_check_mark:on the Apple Pay sheet, that can be quite confusing! Most people assume it means the payment has been taken, but it actually just means that the request has been sent from Apple Pay to your bank for approval, so it’s entirely possible that everything will look like it has gone through just fine via Apple Pay, but your bank are actually declining it on their end.

Most of the time if you speak to your bank they’ll be able to unblock this for you, so I’d definitely suggest speaking to them if this happens again in future.

Glad you got this payment sorted in the end! :raised_hands:

(Brian Moran) #7

Who wants to have to call a bank and ask them to unblock a payment, it defeats the purpose of over giving your account number and sort code.

(Ian Lyon) #8

That’s true - no one wants to have to call their bank. But sadly we don’t have any control over other banks and the payments they choose to block :pensive:

(Peter Roberts) #9

Surely as this is a common issue you should be talking to them bank-to-bank to sort out what must surely be a misunderstanding? I mean… If they’re happy to authorise payments for you with card details then why not Apple Pay?


Why can’t the page ping back the Monzo backend for the payment status and then display that after the Apple Pay modal has been dismissed? Instead of just hoping everything is okay.

(Ian Lyon) #11

@Peter_R The issue here is that we can’t really convince another bank to change the rules they use to determine whether or not to block a payment, and they might be unable or unwilling to change this for a particular merchant.

It’s worth noting that in the context of a top up or payment made via Apple Pay, although we’re a bank, this payment is treated the same as any other payment made using Apple Pay and is subject to the same rules used by the sending bank to approve or decline a payment.

@anon23935806 I appreciate where you’re coming from - we could probably be clearer in these circumstances and explain what’s happened. There may be limits to the information we can provide in these cases but I’ll check back in when I’ve had a better look into this.

(Peter Roberts) #12

The reality of the situation is pretty unfortunate :frowning:️. Do you know if it’s a large percentage of Apple pay top ups that fail?

I ask because the three people who have tried to pay me with it from different cards each have all had it fail this way and it scared then away from the idea of Monzo which I was trying to sell them on! I.e. this issue has lost you three potential customers who now think Monzo’s dodgy :frowning:

If the support is as bad as I suspect through Apple pay then I’d strongly suggest removing support for it, drastically improving the user experience or at least put a big warning on screen when someone tries to use it

(Ian Lyon) #13

It’s not a particularly widespread issue as far as top ups are concerned. Generally speaking you’d only ever see this using - top ups within the app don’t seem to be affected.

Whilst the tick within the Apple Pay sheet isn’t always a completely reliable indicator of whether or not a bank has approved a payment, the vast majority of the time it matches the approval status of the bank.

We’re looking at this to see if we can dig a bit deeper and find out exactly why this happens, so I’m hopeful we’ll be able to make this experience much better.

(Peter Roberts) #14

Best of luck!

(Ian Lyon) #15

Looks like this issue has been figured out! We’ll be deploying a fix soon :raised_hands:(cc @Sczoo26 @anon23935806)

Update; fix in place. This is what you’ll see now if you try paying someone via using Apple Pay and your bank declines the payment. (In this case because you don’t have enough money.)

(Peter Roberts) #16

That’s great!

(Scott) #17

Great thanks Monzo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: