Payments from a stranger

I have already contacted in app support and a specialist is investigating
Something really strange happened last night . A stranger sent me £121 in two payments that appear to be from two separate accounts under the same name. It won’t let me send the money back which makes it doubly odd.

Anyone have any ideas why I can’t send it back :thinking:

Lovely. What are you going to spend it on :slight_smile:

Hmmm that is odd.

Wanna send them on to me and I’ll… er… see if I can help? One payment of £242 is fine!! :wink:

No idea why you can’t send it back, maybe they sent before account got closed??

Yeah that is what I am thinking it is some elaborate scam but not sure how it would work

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Yeah… do they get in touch some other way later and say … oh hey I made this mistake can you send the money ‘here’ now please?? Risky way to launder money but not beyond the realms of possibility/stupidity?!


who was the sending bank?

You’ve done the right thing in contacting support, hopefully you’ll get an answer from them soon enough.

None of us here can have any real idea what may have happened, we’d just be guessing and speculating wildly. My own wild guess would be someone trying to send money through their or a friend’s Monzo account and making a mistake with the account number, which happened to end up being yours instead of a non-existant account.

But as I say, wild guess, I could be well off the mark.


Not Monzo was a faster payment I believe , being silly here how to I check :slight_smile:

what’s the sort code?

if faster payment it says on the payment info section of the transaction

(dont post the account number please)

I can’t see and scrolling down it doesn’t say it was a faster payment so must be Monzo to Monzo

that might be why you got it twice then. Sent it once, didnt work (because they were using the wrong account details) so sent it again

What is weird is it’s two amounts one for £21 and one for £100. And on each transaction it says number of payments received one

someone trying to add money by monzo me? that’s a £100 limit. Tried 2 cards because assumed 1st didnt work?

let us know what they say


That would also explain why I can’t send it back…


I think it’s great that you’re honest and are doing the right thing by contacting Monzo. I’ve seen similar situations where people just think “ohhh free money” and spend it - sometimes with repercussions later down the line.

That money could mean a lot to someone, so hopefully Monzo can get to the bottom of it and if it’s an honest mistake I’m sure the sender will be really appreciative to get their money back :blush:


Yeah I would never spend it! Also worth contacting in case it’s fraud or a piece of an elaborate scam

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I think if it was a scam you would have been contacted more or less at the time the payments went in. More likely to be a mistake of some kind, as transferring into an incorrect account isn’t going to reveal to them how to contact you.


I wonder if it was intended for someone with a similar name? Perhaps someone trying to send it to their Coutts account?

Likely a as said above.

But as it’s a card payment , the sender is likely to do a chargeback I would say.

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The money was meant to be sent to me! @TomCoutts has paid it back - what a legend!!

Originally I copied my link and pasted it in our ski trip group chat to be repaid for a hire car. Next to the ‘send’ icon was a predictive box from my iPhone suggesting to separate out my first name ‘thomas’ from my second name attached to the end of the link. I must’ve accidently clicked it before sending, then my friend Sam proceeded to pay that link!

After waiting 24 hours, Sam sent me screenshots and we realised what had happened. I feared the money was gone, but tried a last ditch attempt to get it back by sending Tom 5p with a desperate payment message. A few mins later it was back in my account :grinning:

Massive thank you to @TomCoutts :clap: