Question for the smart people about poor connection in app

My display this morning (Tuesday ) says poor connection , balance updated 20 hours ago , my display says I have 4 bar connection and the wi fi thingy says its full power ??? why does the app think I have a poor connection ?

Presumably it refers to the connection to the Monzo server? But wait for a clever person to be sure. R-


No issues reported so far today;
My app (Android) also responding as expected. It’s possible that your WiFi is active from your phone to the Access Point, but the broadband connection is dropping out and recovering. Run a speedtest on your broadband to see if all is OK?

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Cheers David , I shall :slight_smile:

Wifi connection to router - OK
Router connection to internet - not OK

Is my guess (it happens to me from time to time at home as well).

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Resetting your home router usually helps too.

To do this: unplug it, wait a minute and then plug it back in. Then retry after 5 minutes.

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I’ve never understood that. What does taking the plug out achieve that turning the power off doesn’t?

It lets all of the spare electrons drain onto the floor.


Helps stretch your back muscles?



Good thinking

I think the timing was more important a few years ago, and the advice to unplug and replug meant the user HAD to take a few seconds to do that, as opposed to the second or less to switch on/off. I’m guessing that’s because capacitor electronics weren’t as efficient back then and still stored some ‘power’ so might confuse things if they hadn’t had that extra second or so to complete power down (I am not an expert, but vague memories of reading something like this many years ago).

Or, it might make no difference, probably doesn’t these days.


Haha not sure why I wrote that. I meant to just stop power getting to the device by any means necessary :scissors: so it can restart (don’t actually use scissors) :sweat_smile:


The logic of some of the answers to my question is quite good , especially stretching the back … but then I would say when I walk out of my house my mobile phone works , its not dependent on my router connection. Does the home wifi connection take preference over the Vodafone connection , and if it does, if that connection isn’t available surely the Vodafone signal takes over if there is no wifi signal and updates my balance with Monzo ??? AND … surely in the past 20hours there has been a reliable signal on my router at some point if it is the router … :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Depends on your device. As per my simple reply, if there is a WIFI connection your phone tends to use that first. Unfortunately, the connection your phone is making is simply via wifi to your router. It can’t tell the router isn’t working.

As for the reliability of your router, I’d have to agree it should’ve been there at some point.

Have you tried uninstalling reinstalling the app?? (in other words, I’m stumped!)

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yes I did reinstall and that did fix the issue, ( and it really wasn’t an ‘issue’ just out of interest ) which to me suggests its the app rather than the router connection , maybe they lost connection with each other , in which case my logic says the phone signal from vodafone takes over …and then if it couldn’t connect it would re apply every so often , surely within 20 hours ???


Maybe who lost connection with what??

Phones don’t know if a Wifi server they are connected to has an internet connection or not, there is no ‘vodafone takes over’ setting that I know of.

hmmm my simplistic view is that the phone sends something to the router , or visa versa to say hello Im a device that is allowed to connect and use your service ??? if that ‘connection’ is lost for some reason …like I walk out of range / out of the door the vodafone signal takes over , if the router doesnt know Im connected surely Monzo send out a ‘signal’ every 1 second / 10 seconds/ 1 minute , when I open the app , because it usually says updating as you open the app this information from Monzo should be picked up from either the router or vodafone signal ???

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Ahhh when you leave, then yes. Your phone will switch over to your carrier if it can’t connect to a Wifi signal.

Could be that Monzo is ‘stuck’ on the previous connection mode somehow.

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Is your app up to date?