[?] Poor UX when Monzo Data turned off

Issue: turned off Monzo data and didn’t realise. The App only told me I had a poor internet connection so I just presumed signal was a problem.

Would like more prompts to turn on mobile data to use in the banner which says poor internet connection.

After replicating the problem, Monzo app does tell you to turn on mobile data the first time you open the app, but after that I don’t think you get a reminder. If for some reason you miss this,like I did, it was a little annoying :roll_eyes:


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“Poor internet connection” is misleading. To me it means the connection is slow but there is still connectivity.

If a request fails Monzo should just say it properly “Unable to refresh” or similar.


I feel it needs to be a more persistent banner like there was with the pre paid upgrade notification, but also make it more informative.

As you say @david_capon it only pop’s up for a few seconds, and while it does it hides the balance within the app.