Internet signal strength and Monzo

So for a while now, I’ve found that for some reason, the Monzo app requires a supremo signal strength on a network to function properly. Stood outside my office building, which is generally where mobile signal goes to die, there is a connection available to the WiFi of the pub next door. I speed tested it at between 5-6 mbps. On this speed it’s possible to stream video media and music. My other banking app (Natwest) logs in fine, as do my credit card apps.

Monzo? Nope. Just tells me there is a poor connection and tries to update but times out. I’m not a software dev nor a networking engineer BUT, I can’t understand why this app seems to need a fast, very strong connection to the internet when other apps that really should need that but can get by on less, still function okay.

Unless a tech person in Monzo can explain this, I’d say there’s a lot of room for improvement here. It’s very frustrating.

Which operating system (iOS/Android) are you using, and which version of the app? :slight_smile:

Duh, info worth sharing! >_<

iOS 13.1.2
Monzo version 3.4 (but I’d say this has been a problem since the big version 3 change.)

Is the annoyance just at the item that appears on the screen (I.e how they determine poor network strength) or is there actually a degradation in performance too?

Do you use a vpn or anything when browsing banking apps on public Wi-Fi?
I avoid at all cost, just in case hackable.

Nope, although this was a rare occurrence because my mobile internet was too weak for Monzo to update where other apps/services requiring an internet connection (iOS mail etc) will work but just take a bit longer to connect. Monzo just gives up.

It feels like a degradation in performance to me. My work building (and parts of the car park) is notorious for being a mobile network blackspot but you can get other apps to work, even stream media. Monzo seems to only work well when it’s got a high quality, high speed connection. No other app that’s in the same category of use requires this so it must be something they can fine tune?

I have this issue too where if my speed/signal strength is less than optimal (but still multiple Mbps), Monzo really struggles and sometimes gives up whereas everything else I use works.
Been this way for ages - I know they are working on the speed it takes for the app to update generally, not sure if these issues are linked or not.

Monzo 3.4
iOS 13.1.3

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I had a duplicate payment issue yesterday when the app seemed to freeze after I put the pin in then asked for a pin again… this was at home in a room where I know the WiFi signal strength is not great - I wonder if this is the root cause?

Possible the app is buggy and has cached files from the old layout, try reinstalling the app and see if it still takes time in the same signal conditions.

I thought this was just me, but i also have had this issue since the big 3,
I’m on iOS 12.4 still

Social apps would refresh
Other banking apps would refresh balance and send payments fine

Monzo = poor connection last updated x hours ago

(Off topic and never at the same time; Spotify has done this to me a few times as well)

For what it’s worth, I notice Monzo uses up a lot of my mobile data when I’m on it.

I think there are some performance issues with the 3.x.x versions sadly :frowning:

For example, my feed takes a while to update and sometimes requires a force close/reopen!

It is something we are aware of and looking into :+1: Really sorry about this in the meantime :confused:

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How do you find out what version of Monzo app you’re using? TIA

There might be a better way, but I search for Monzo on the App Store and read the numbers from that.

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Profile>cog>settings then scroll all the way to the bottom to the ‘app version’ option


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