Monzo app disconnects regularly

Hi, it is not a major thing, but as soon as I switched to iPhone 11, Monzo app started disconnecting. It happens once every week or every two weeks.

It is worth saying that I am not connected to the internet all the time. When I do connect to wifi again, sometimes Monzo does not necessarily work (most of the times it does). In these instances it won’t update my balance and let me access money from pots. When I shut down my phone completely and then restart it, Monzo gets back and running, but it takes ages.

I am wondering if there’s an option for me to just enter a passcode every time I am connceted to wifi and need to use Monzo, to ensure the app works properly?

Thank you

I think you need your mobile data to keep the app running.
When I am at work with no coverage and connected to the wifi I am unable to pay by contactless.
I suppose that is because they need to verify the connexion and the wifi is not always safe to connect in public places.

You should contact support about this. Contactless payments have nothing to do with the app