Pulse - Poll


This is NOT a Poll to oppose Pulse

It is based on the assumption Pulse is retained

It is just to suggest ways in which it can be an improved user experience

  • Option to toggle Pulse graph On/Off
  • Option to hide when scrolling down transaction list
  • Change bottom menu to a hamburger menu
  • Move Pulse to elsewhere in the app
  • Move transaction list elsewhere in app
  • Reduce transaction height so more appear per page
  • Other (constructive) suggestions - please post below

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Monzo Graph
(Eve) #2

Maybe it should be clarified what the hamburger menu is or what it does since I see it mentioned quite a bit but don’t really know what it is since I’m on iOS? It doesn’t seem relevant to Pulse


I do worry this poll may be somewhat unhelpful. It starts with the assumption that the status quo is unacceptable and that “something must be done”. This will lead to skewed results which, frankly, are unlikely to be helpful to either the people wanting change, those that are keen on things as they are, or those that don’t have strong opinions either way.

I also worry about the “solutionising” inherent here. Much better to focus on user needs: I.e. what is the problem that you’re trying to solve? What did you * need * in the app? Then leave it up to Monzo to work out a) if that set of needs is something they want to cater for, and b) what the right design / technical solution should be.

I’m not trying to be contentious, but an app designed collectively may end up being the proverbial horse designed by committee…


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #4

Nice one Richard. </sarcasm> You read the forum every day. You already know Monzo have stated Pulse won’t be switchable on/off; indeed Monzo’s Head of Design replied as such to you directly about it:

No one wants an app, or a bank, designed by committee.


We need not loose sight that this is still very much in development :clown_face:
All the feedback has been good and yes it will be up to Monzo what happens next.:triumph:
We still have to realise that the engineers are not magicians :flushed:( close ). They will have to develope something that meets the media but is also viable from Monzo perspective.
One step at a time :thinking:

(Daniel White) #6

If it wasn’t a poll to oppose Pulse, you’d at least have an option to leave things just as they are, which is what I would vote for.

(Patrick) #7

I like pulse, I think it looks quite cool on a high-res screen (although I can see how people with old phones or low res screens might be a bit concerned).

The only thing I don’t like is that the Android app seems to be going in the direction of being literally identical to the iOS one.

Feature parity - yes. But a clone - I think that’s a bad thing.

I don’t think I have any other apps on my phone that disregard Android design conventions in the way the Monzo app now does.
I don’t want an iPhone app on Android, I want an Android app with feature parity.

A lot of these conventions were put in place due to the nature of Android phones being extremely varied in their screen size and resolution. If you have a low res screen (I know that’s kind of rarer now, but some people run on old phones or can’t afford a recent model and might be using a 5 year old phone) you’ve now got pulse at the top and a menu bar at the bottom taking up space.

As for pulse as a thing on it’s own, as it looks on my phone. I love it.


I don’t infer the certainty of never from this comment as you imply so why can’t this be a poll option?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #9

Hugo has never said never (and your inference implication is wrong). But he’s repeated many times users will not be given the option to switch it on or off.


You just agreed he never said never but my inference on the single quote you gave is wrong? :thinking:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #11

You suggested I implied never, which I didn’t. Inference was the wrong word. Apologies for confusion.


That was the quoting :disappointed: My comment was based on the link you gave to Hugo’s statement not your comments specifically :+1:


Agreed, nor indeed a bank run by polls, we have seen the ATM débâcle.

However, on other parts of the app Monzo staff have often stated they will take some of the suggestions made on board.

In the case of Pulse they have been more rigid and implied it will neither change nor be reconsidered.

There are various suggestions made in the Pulse thread, and it made sense to group them together and quantify support for them, so IF and WHEN Monzo chose to take on board the fact a number of users dislike the graph being located where it is, they can see what possible solutions garner more, or less, support.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #14

the ATM poll had almost 6000 participants - how many would be considered as giving substantial feedback in this poll ?

(Simon) #15

Poll needs an option to keep it where it is. The poll suggests that something needs to change, I don’t think most people have any issues with it so would be nice to see how many actually like it

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #16

I agree , as others have suggested - it doesnt have an option to keep it as it is , so becomes meaningless except for those that don’t want it


It does not matter if it has 500,000 participants. It is only relevant IF they are looking to change Pulse to address some of the issues raised such as it taking up too much of the transaction page or where it is located in the app. If they don’t care that a number of their customers take issue with Pulse, and have no plans to change it, the poll will not need to be referred to.

The ATM poll can’t directly be compared as that was a matter of financial impact on the company bottom line, this is about user preference and how some wish the transaction data not to be eaten into by the display of other elements.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #19

in which case shouldn’t the poll have the option of leave it where it is if we actually want a representative poll of what people think about the graphs location ?


That would be a poll about moving the graph. This is not about moving the graph, that is one option, they are a number of suggestions of which moving it is one.

The reality is for many the transaction list is the most important part of any banking app, and we want a full page of transactions, not just a few sandwiched between a graph and a menu.

Some could have been unconstructive and done a poll on getting rid of Pulse, but the ideas behind it are sound, it is just where it is located and the amount of screen space it takes up.

This is just looking at the way it was implemented and seeing out of all possible modifications to it, which solicit more support.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #21

as I said without the option of keeping the graph as is we cant really say how many are concerned - the only conclusion we can have is how many want to change it - if that turns out to be 50 people out of 200,000 (?) Android users with 50% of those 50 not agreeing on how it should be modified , should it be changed ?