Put pots back next to the cards

Can we have the pots put back next to the corresponding card/account.

Since the UI change I am really struggling with managing the pots for my bills. The new home is good and I am happy with that but I can’t find a way of putting the pots back where they were.

It’s got so bad I am thinking of ditching using the pots all together.

It’s got to the point I am tempted to move to another bank as pots were one of the reasons for choosing Monzo but it’s become to complicated now.


Below is the topic to share feedback on the new layout and see what’s upcoming

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No I think its better now but that’s just me. I wonder if they could make it customisable. Whatever you do - don’t ditch pots. You can get interest on them now!!

Yea I did notice that but I just can’t easily utilise them. So I don’t bother any more. I have removed my old bills pot as it just complicates it. I still have 1 savings pot but I don’t think I will keep that much longer either.

Totally agree: I really hate the new layout!

I have been banking with Monzo for many years now and this is the first feature update I don’t like. So please please please make the layout configurable so I can return to the previous layout (I.e. pots placed next to personal or joint card).

Surely the layout is an easy feature to configure?


It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve had a Monzo account or how many other features/changes you’ve liked; it’s not going back.

@Revels Maybe… maybe not. I thought the idea of this forum was to give feedback, not to be told deal with it.

I was giving my views and feedback saying it’s not going to change doesn’t help and brings nothing to this thread. If that’s the attitude on the forum I won’t bother next time and just vote with my feet and go elsewhere.


Constructive feedback is great, there’s thousands of posts in the thread linked above any many things have changed as a result of that feedback.

“I don’t like it, put it back” is not constructive and will not happen. The whole point of the new design was to get rid of the carousel.

Your two options are to put up with it or leave. But I was replying to the guy above, not you.

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Have to agree with you… as a relative newcomer to the forum I have noticed certain posters who consistently post passive-aggressive responses to anyone who dares to say anything negative, no matter how constructive or justified that negative feedback is. It sadly doesn’t make this a welcoming place. I don’t know if I’m reading the posts wrong, or if the poster(s) are just emboldened because they’re never challenged. It’s a shame all round.


@jgf I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks they read some of these posts wrong, it’s great that there are so many “passionate” people but sometimes they seem to go defensive on any form of negativity, however when it’s just words on a page it can be easy to misunderstand.

@Revels I do agree that they won’t just put it back, my main point was the pots have moved away from the account it’s linked to. So rather than just swipe over I have to go back scroll down to the pots find the pot and open it, if I need to go back to the account I have to do the same again

I’m not saying that the carousel is the right way but this update has in my opinion made them harder to use.

One thing I’ve done to make it easier to see is have different colour pot images for each account. Helps to see which is which at a glance.


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I prefer the previous setup with pots but i guess i will get used to the new setup

I don’t think its “put up with it or leave” I’m sure Monzo doesn’t want users to leave but I agree. The change has come in and is going to stay. I don’t think it makes sense to have configurable layouts. Although some apps do that.

That’s pretty good. I have been going to the noun project to download icons but this is better as no editing is needed.