Pots organisation

I have lots of pots to save for different things and don’t find it very user friendly to have to scroll through all of them to find one, or to get to my other accounts in Monzo (other cards) - it would be great to be able to put pots in folders and have a view of them all on one screen, or house them separately from the cards

(For example, you could scroll to the left and instead of all the individual pots it could be one card for pots and you click on this to see all your pots in a list view)

You can have them in one long list. Tap top right of the pots to change it.

I mean on the home page where you scroll through your different pots from left to right?

There is no option for me top right of the pots

Do you have the new home screen?

I think it’s rolled out to everybody now.

@discombobulate do you see the three dots on your homepage?

The display can be switched from there

Last week they announced a slow roll out over the next month or so, so there will still be people on the old layout.

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