Pots not unlocking on set date

Hi, not sure if anyone has had the same problem but for the last few weeks I had an issue with pots not unlocking automatically on the set date.

I’ve been using this method for months to control my spending: I lock money in a pot, with an unlock date set on the Friday, where I ‘withdraw’ a set amount and then re-lock the pot until the following Friday.

However for the past few weeks there has been issues. Today’s example: my pot is set to be locked until Friday 11th (today), however it’s 7.41am and the pot is still locked.

I know I can close the pot and recreate it, but it’s annoying and defeats the purpose. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

I have never used this feature, but does it unlock at the end of today?

I thought it was supposed to unlock at midnight on the day you set it but I’m now wondering if I’m confusing myself. I cannot find any documentation on this frustratingly, as the guidance on locked pots on the website from Monzo is awfully vague.

I guess there’s one way to find out… only 15 hours to go :sweat_smile:

ahahah true :sweat_smile: unfortunately need the money today so will have to close it and withdraw!

I’m intrigued to know now. You’ll have to create another one with 1p in and set the date for tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a good suggestion! thank you :blush:

I’d do it but I’m lazy haha :laughing:

Yep unfortunately you’ll have to “Unlock and Withdraw” which closes the pot, I think.

I just made a pot for tomorrow to see what happens!

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here’s an idea, if you have another bank account just setup a SO for the weekly amount if it’s the same amount and setup a bills pot, at least that way you know you will have access to the money on that day instead of wondering when the pot will be open, and i believe pots unlock on the day and time you lock it example i lock it today at 10am for a week so probably will open by 10am on the day it supposed to be open

An update on this - it seems it’s definitely a bug as I locked a pot to unlock on 08/10, and it’s now 09/10 and the pot is still locked.

What’s the best way to report this to Monzo? Frustrating that the chat option in-app is now hidden or buried somewhere…

Search ‘contact support’ in the help section

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I’ve never used one of these, but does it auto unlock and effectively turn into a normal pot on that date? Or on that date does it allow you to open it?

What happens if you press ‘Unlock and Withdraw’?

Yes it’s supposed to unlock on the date and function like a normal pot then. At least it used to!

That closes the pot altogether which is annoying… as you then have to recreate it completely. It’s not supposed to function like that, or at least it didn’t used to! Been using this system for months and only started noticing problems a few weeks back…

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Is there any possibility the time/date on your iPhone are set manually? I have to imagine all of this Pot stuff is Server side… But on the off chances it’s not that’s the only reason I can think of that behaviour…

No, all automatic on my phone… I’m puzzled too!

Is it set for 2020?

Yes :sweat_smile: (have taken the screenshot above to show the problem) - but it’s not a one off either, I’ve had lots of problems with locked pots for a while.