Lock pot update - no early unlocking

I understand that when lock pots first launched, you had to contact support to unlock the pot early. So many people contacted them that they removed the feature.

I would like to bring back this option alongside the option to unlock early.

Maybe it could be an optional extra to choose from:

Lock this pot?

Choose date

Do you want to remove the option to unlock this pot early:

Yes (actually locks until the set date)
No (stays as they currently are)

Never going to happen.


And that’s hugely disappointing.

I find just hiding it out of sight is the best deterrent to stop me using it. I just end up forgetting that it’s there.

I wish hiding it was enough for me lol. Just seems like a waste of a feature to give you the option to lock it until a set date but youre able to unlock it at any time

I found that using Zopa & the locked pots in that was the best option and got me a higher %, and also kept it separate from Monzo, removing temptation :smiley:

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Seems you need to focus on self control and your savings goals if the temptation is too easy and the barriers removed so easy.

Your goals may not be important enough if you decide it’s too simple for you to take money from them.

I used to be like this, but then created individual pots for certain things and the money has remained in their own spaces (Starling) and then a free savings pot which I can withdraw from if I require.

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It depends what I am saving for and what i need to withdraw it for before its ready, this is why I’d like the option, as i have the max bumber of pots but one or two id like to stop that withdrawal entirety, I bet I’m not the only one

If you want to not be able to get to it, then Monzo is not the place for that money. That restriction caused so many problems that it’s not going to come back.

Put it in another bank, put those login details in a block of ice.



You can monitor your savings if you had them in another bank, in form of open banking but not be able to touch them if you removed the simplicity of logging in.

First hand experience, it is a mentality change vs having other people control your money.

Why not use the Fixed term Savings pots?

Though I wonder how many of the Fixed term Savings pots one can create? β†’ (found the answer, 20 max)

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