Withdrawal from locked pots

Hi. I really like the locked pots concept however I’ve noticed some concerns.

I wanted to test it out, so I locked two, and wanted to see what the process was to see if pots are locked if I generally do have to contact customer support.

I do,however, I messaged and requested to have my pots unlocked.

Had a quick reply just to confirm if I want my pots unlocked under 10mins later i get a reply saying have i tried to withdraw from my pot???

30 mins later the padlock is still showing ???

Luckily it is a test and i advised the co-op of this after a while and no urgency however if this was a genuine emergency and needed funds I’m guessing not a quick fix.

Obvioulsy its new so not complaining it will take time make tweeks etc. If I said I want my pots unlocked and they reply asking to confirm I do they should action it asap.

Screenshot_20181215-091213_Monzo Screenshot_20181215-091225_Monzo

Sounds like not quite all the cops are up to date with the new feature. Hopefully it will be a bit smoother in the future


I’ve been advised that they unlocked the pots their end but didn’t unlock me my end. It’s not emergency or anything but imagine if it was. Hope they sort the bug out

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Maybe try to force quit and restart the app - that could force it to fetch the state of your pots from Monzo’s servers.